Position of Baby

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Position of Baby

When baby moves/kicks it is still really, really low in my abdomen. Barely above my pubic area about where low rise jeans would sit. I can feel the top of my uterus which is just below my belly button. Do you guys find that the baby is still pretty low? I just thought since my uterus was this high that maybe the baby would move up a little but it seems to like being down there.

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Mine is WAY down there too. in fact, at the U/S on Monday, she was so low and had her head buried down there, the tech had a hard time getting skull/head shots. My son wasn't this low, but yet, my belly is way higher. I dunno!

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Yes, when I was about the same weeks along as you, I still felt baby kicks/movement very low too, and I remember thinking, shouldn't they be higher up by now? It's just in the past week or so (since about 18.5 weeks) that I started feeling kicks and bigger movements up near my bellybutton. I bet it won't be long for you now.

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My daughter was always low so I thought maybe this baby wanted to follow suit! I mean it's so low it seems like it could just fall out! At my last appointment when the nurse tried to find the heart beat she started just below my belly button and I told her the baby was way lower than that.

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This is me, and I'm 20 and 1/2 weeks!

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Mine is about the same place. I can feel my uterus and it feels like its only on my right side. Its rock hard and you can feel it easily and that is where I always feel movement....when I feel it.

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My uterus is well above my belly button now and I mostly feel movement from baby B up top. It's always on my left side about in line with my belly button. I feel baby A much less frequently, pretty much only when they have a dance party after I eat ice cream. He's quite low and to my right, just above my pubic bone. I know they're moving a lot more than I can feel though because at my ultrasound last week they were going nuts and I couldn't feel a thing.

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Yes she is still low in yesterday at the ultrasound in a pike position. I always feel the kicks in the lower area.

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Same here, baby is pretty low, even though my uterus seems to be creeping upward.

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Mine too! One day a week or so ago he or she was up WAY high and it was such a weird feeling :eek: it was so different!! Baby has now gone back down low and rolls around there quite a bit.

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You totally read my mind...I was wondering the same thing! When I feel her move it's really low. Sometimes it makes me feel like I need to pee when she moves too. Since it's my first baby I wasn't sure if that's normal or not. I guess at this point I thought id feel it a little higher. Then highest I've felt anything is right around my belly button.

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Mine has been really low, too, until today. All of a sudden today I've been feeling tons of movement in the middle of my big belly and was able to see some kicks from the outside.

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This baby is all over the place. 4 weeks ago baby was hiding way up high and the nurse had a hard time finding the hb. Then the u/s baby head was way low. And my last appt baby was hard to find again. I think baby's back was to mine or something and kept moving away. Lol

I feel most movements pretty low and sometimes midway between there and the belly button.

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Well, baby still flips and flops all over the place in there until the third trimester when they start running out of room, so there's really no telling. They can be down low one minute and over to the side the next! As far as your uterus, it grows about one inch per week, which is why your doc/midwife/doula will stretch that measuring tape over you to make sure that everything is stretching like it should!!