post nasal drip sore throat relief (XP)

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post nasal drip sore throat relief (XP)

What are some pregnancy friendly ways to deal with a cold and post nasal drip sore throat? I know sudafed is ok......I miss my dayquill Sad

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Sorry you're feeling yucky. I don't have any great advice except that I always use my saline nasal spray when I start to get sick or have post-nasal drip. Pre-pregnancy, I would have suggested a hot toddy (LOL), but maybe just some tea with honey and lemon would soothe your throat? Hope you're feeling better soon!

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I was using Sudafed when I got that a few weeks ago. It helped almost immediately.

I also use a neti pot (actually I use the squeeze bottle) to try to prevent any type of build up or infection in there.

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You just said it Angela... sudafed is pretty much your only hope! Hope you feel better soon!