Postpartum bleeding?

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Postpartum bleeding?

I am just curious about my bleeding in comparison with what others experienced....

I had no tears or stitches. I didnt really spend any time recovering. One day at the hospital & have been up & on my feet a lot since day 2, shopping, girls on walks, chores, etc. I am nursing as well. Today was my first day that has been relaxing. I am continuing to bleed, especially when I am active which is a lot.

How did all of your recoveries go? Is mine normal?

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I had fill-the-piddle-pad extreme bleeding for 2 days, continued with heavy pad-filling bleeding with continued golf ball blobs for two weeks and then it petered out by the end of 3 weeks. I did have a front-to-back tear, but this was definitely not just some surficial skin bleeding.

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I'm still bleeding now. Some days it seems like it over and the next time I am in the bathroom it's bad again. No end in sight.

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It's been over three weeks and I'm just now starting to use liners instead of pads... Although I have had a few 'accidents' with just the liner. I say your bleeding is.normal Lesley!

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I was still having a tiny bit of bleeding at my 4 week pp checkup. It was mostly just here and there at that point though.

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I am 3 weeks PP and my bleeding is pretty light now. I can't wait until I can stop using pads! My bleeding was a lot like yours earlier on in my recovery.

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Thanks gals, that's all good to hear. Well, not good, but you know what I mean. And I'm with you carrie, I cant wait to be back in my normal underwear & no pads.

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I'm not bleeding anymore (5 weeks PP) but it took 3 solid weeks for me and week 2 I was bleeding pretty heavily. I think I over did it week 1 PP to be honest - we went to shopping, I had my older son's bday I was just up and moving a lot and by week 2 I was exhausted and bleeding heavily. I took it as a sign and really tried to relax week 2. By week 4 I was just spotting a little and this week all clear Smile

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I stopped bleeding completely after three weeks. I'm hoping AF will stay away with the BF because I am not looking forward to dealing with a period again... that was one of the best things about pregnancy lol!

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Im still bleeding at 3 weeks pp but it has slowed down a lot. With Nicholas it took 5 weeks for me to completely stop.

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I'm still bleeding Sad :( I can get away with a liner maybe overnight when I'm not active (and vertical). Otherwise I am still in a pad and HATING it. Ugh I want it to stop so bad. Four weeks PP tomorrow... Sad