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I slept long enough to dream last night. I had a dream that I was pregnant again. I have not been able to go back to sleep, it really got me freaked out. I'm already not sleeping, my thoughts were immediately on losing more sleep. I think I would lose my mind.

Is anyone trying or planning on trying to get pregnant soon? I think we are done. It is bitter sweet.

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What a scary dream! We are done but yesterday I was getting some of Nicholas' clothes together for consignment and all the memories came back and I got sad. DH said we could have another but I do not want to be pg again and we would need new cars, etc so I don't think so.

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I am not ready now for sure! We have always talked about having 3 though. I think we'd wait until Evan was in kindergarten to avoid 3 in daycare. We'll see though Rory isn't the easiest baby and I don't really enjoy being pregnant or the newborn phase....I LOVE toddler-hood though.....

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OMG your subject line freaked me out! I thought you were making an announcement!

We are planning to have one more. Probably in about 2 years. Sometimes I have thoughts of not wanting to go through all this again, but I'm sure I will change my mind once things start to get easier...we'll see.

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Carrie, it will change. Once she start to grow up and hit milestones you will miss your baby.

I don't plan to ttc until Kara is in school.

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No more babies for me, but I am not okay with it yet. I could easily think about getting pregnant again right now lol. I have been that way with all three though.

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We'll have more I'm sure. Nick did a number on me physically and I want to be sure I have time to get my pelvic floor back in shape before going through another birth. We will probably follow NFP till nick is one and a half or so.

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We are not sure now, which is sort of weird. We always thought we'd have two. But each of us independently has been thinking Elaina might be our only one. Her birth was extremely traumatizing (for both of us) which is why I haven't been able to write up a birth story yet. I was advised by my doctor (not my midwife!!!) to consider an elective c-section if we have another, and the thought of that is even more scary to me.

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Wow Hilary. I'm so sorry to hear but from how it sounds I'd go for the csection next time too. I can't imagine having just one child even though for 11yrs Jesse was my only one. I wanted more right away but DH wanted to wait.

AFM: we are done. I had the tubal done in the hospital so unless doc did a bad job and it fails, Andrew is our last baby. I'm totally okay with this. I feel it's the right timing and decision for our family. I'm still sad about it though naturally.

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I would love one more. I think kids need siblings, I know when I lost my parents it was a life saver to have a sibling to go through it with. Having Connor was really scary and I think it will be a year before I have another AT LEAST or I will adopt. We were planning on adopting before i got pregnant so I could easily go that route.

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If I could afford to be a SAHM I know I would want at least one more... maybe two. We have six children total now, with DH's two boys that live with their mother in Idaho, and he's done. Technically if DH had had it his way, we would have been done after our son Maximus. I think that he's always felt super guilty about the way that we got together and what it did to our kids that we each had with our first spouses (again, he had two kids with her and I had a son with my ex) that he didn't want to have any more children. I begged him with our DD, because I knew that it would be a girl if he would just agree for us to try one more time, so he gave in for me (thank God it was a girl lol). Obviously this last pregnancy was a HUGE "whoops"... I actually didn't tell him that I was pregnant for a while for fear of him being that upset about it. He actually took it better than I thought, and better than I did. I'm so in love with my little man though, and am actually glad that it was another boy! He's definitely cut me off though, and is going to schedule his appt for the vasectomy. Until he musters up the courage for that, though, I'm on the mini pill. I am incredibly sad that I won't be having anymore children though. At 29 years old, even though I've given birth to four children already, it feels way too young to throw in the towel.

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I do want another one but I don't want to be pregnant or give birth again....and buy a bigger car/house. So I guess we are done Sad

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I am pretty sure Ryan is it for us. That could be the last 4 weeks of struggling talking but financially it would be so hard for us to have another. If we did it would be years down the road but I really don't see it happening. Pregnancy was hard on me this time around and his birth was as well. I always thought I wanted 3 kids but I think I am happy with 2.

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I have no idea if we will have more or not. I keep saying things like "When we have another baby...." but I really can't envision us with another one. Maybe because I am still feeling overwhelmed with the first one. I'm thinking that when we do have baby #2, it will be a total surprise.

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Ed just got his vasectomy last thursday & neither of us can imagine another one. We weren't even planning on having a child together, but it happened & we are happy it did. Now we have 4 total in the house & that's more than enough. Smile

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Nightmare! Haha. I already sent most of my DS's baby and toddler clothes off to a friend of mine who just had a baby boy. AND, my husband already had his vasectomy so unless some miracle happens, we are totally done. I'm good with it. Two is enough! I am overwhelmed as it is! I already miss the newborn stage and will be sad when my baby is grown, but I look forward to all the things to come!

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"lesleynka" wrote:

Ed just got his vasectomy last thursday & neither of us can imagine another one. We weren't even planning on having a child together, but it happened & we are happy it did. Now we have 4 total in the house & that's more than enough. Smile

How's Ed doing? The surgery was pretty painless and a quick recovery for my DH. A total non-issue.

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"sugspop" wrote:

How's Ed doing? The surgery was pretty painless and a quick recovery for my DH. A total non-issue.

I need to have you talk to my DH because he thinks it's some major surgery. He says I should get a tubal instead of him getting a vasectomy. I told him he was INSANE if he thought I was getting a tubal seeing as how it took me so long to recover from the c-section.

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When DH and I are sure we're done he'll get a V I think. A couple years ago 3 guys he works with all got one within a few months of each other and it was no big deal for any of them so DH is comfortable with it when we're ready, thankfully! I'm just not totally there yet......I wish I could blink right to having a 1 year old LOL Skip pregnancy, delivery, newborn.....