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Pretty cool App

I've noticed on some threads that a few of you have iPads or even iPhones, so I wanted to share what i think is a really neat free app I found in the app store. It's called Hello Baby from Pampers. If you do a general search for "Pampers" it should be the first thing that comes up.

It has week by week progress of the baby's growth, along with info for that week, and when you tap on the picture of the baby, it will switch to a real life size of the baby at that week. It's so neat to see how much it grows from week to week. My husband was in awe when I showed him Biggrin

There is also a premium version that is like 3 bucks but I read the reviews and they said it wasn't worth it, that the free version is just as good. I'm just cheap, and I hate paying for apps Wink

Anyway, I just wanted to share Smile

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aww, I wanted this, but its only for iPad ( I have an iPhone) Sad I do have a what to expect app that I enjoy. It just has daily tips and information about that day of the pregnancy.

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I have it too and really like it. I like showing dh the size of the baby every week.

I have the what to expect one too as well as one called baby bump, that one is my favorite of the three.

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Cool, thanks! I'm gonna go get it now!

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They have something similiar for the Android just type in hello baby to the search market. I have found Baby Bump app that is just like Hello Baby and I like it alot.

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I'm with T-Mobile, so I have the Samsung Galaxy, which is their version of the iPhone... I'm gonna look and see if my app store has anything like this... I hope so!