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While we're kicking around in these early days, I thought I'd post some icebreakers to help pass the time...

If you wanted to have a romantic getaway with your SO before the baby arrives, what would you do?

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Just a weekend away, together, without kids! Anywhere!!!! Esp. with a pool! haha

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DH and I are going to Anaheim next month for 3 nights (doing Disneyland of course, although I don't know how fun it will be not being able to ride the rides lol!) and then to San Diego for 4 nights for Comic-Con. We're taking DD with us, but she's only 2 1/2 and doesn't cost us much money to take on vacation... plus I know she'll have a blast at Disney! I can't wait... and even though we go with friends, it's still time away together out of Las Vegas!

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Well, anything I would want to do would involve alcohol, so that is out of the question...LOL. No really, I have been dying to do a tour of the Finger Lake region of New York and tour the wineries, but that will have to wait until next year.

I would love to just hole up in a cabin somewhere for a few days where we could swim, have a campfire at night, maybe do a little hiking, and just relax!

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Anything without kids!!!!! I would stay at the Marriott down the street! LOL! Anaheim sounds fun! A beach somewhere. Anything really.

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Well I'm really hoping we'll still get a chance to go camping this summer. We were planning a big trip with all his family and the dogs with lots of campfires and swimming. Smile

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We'd wanted to cash in some credit card points and use them towards a trip to Puerto Rico. I'd like to see the bioluminescent bays (saw some fabulous ones in San Diego once), the forts, and the Bacardi factory. Smile I was in the process of actually booking the flight when I realized the cc company had changed its point system a month ahead of schedule--- so we never ended up going, but it's still stuck in my head.

Doing something like that (and sending DS1 off to Grandma's for a week!) would be cool, while I can still enjoy hiking around without a bowling ball in my tummy. Biggrin Not so sure about the idea of Puerto Rico in the summer, though, lol! That does make a difference! Blum 3

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We did a babymoon at Myrtle Beach in April when I was pg with Nicholas. It was so much fun. We only went for 4 days but we had such a good time eating, swimming, and playing mini golf Smile

This year we have a vacation planned to go to Bethany Beach Delaware in October. We've never been and the whole fam is going (me, DH, Nick) and then BIL, SIL, and my 2 nieces. I think it will be lots of fun and will double as our "vacation" before the baby gets here. This summer both my parents and the in-laws are taking Nick for a few days each so Clif and I can relax and get some things done around the house.

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Would it be bad to say anywhere by MYSELF? :confused:

Sorry, having that kind of day!

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Any where at all would be fantastic without the baby. Oh my goodness, just think about how stress free and quiet and romantic it could be!! This summer we are going to Cape Cod, and it's always a fantastic time. We usually meet Dh's family there and get our own hotel, but I think this year I just want it to be us and not meet them there. I want a really great vacation before this baby because next year just will not be the same..

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My husband and I have never really had a "vacation" all to ourselves. When we got married we found out about our daughter 12 days later so any trip we've taken we've always had a child with us. I told my husband I wanted to get away with just the two of us. I would love to go to the beach with just me and him Smile The closest beach to us is Myrtle Beach, SC.