QOTD: Father's Day Edition!

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QOTD: Father's Day Edition!

OK girls, so what sweet thing (if anything!) did you do for your baby daddy's and baby daddy's to be today?

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I made my DH breakfast this morning, took him out to lunch before I came to work, and I'll let him get lucky later LMAO!

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Miles gave him a card and the gift he made for him at school. I made him breakfast (that never happens!), and let him go bowling and basically have a free day. I also made dinner. That's about it. He won't be getting lucky tonight, I've been nice enough all day. ROFL

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I gave him a copy of my favorite children's book, which ended up being really hard to find the right edition!

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DH played golf on Saturday, picked where we got take out from on Saturday, I made chocolate chip pancakes both weekend days, DH played tennis on Sunday, AND Nicholas gave him a card and present. OH and he got lucky :lovebed: LOL but that was more for me than him. He went all out for me on Mother's day so I figured I would return the favor Smile

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DH's Father's day didn't go so well. We had to take DS to the ER yesterday afternoon after church. He and DD were playing on the bed and he fell off and bit all the way through his bottom lip. There was SO much blood! He had to have 6 stitches--four on the outside and two on the inside of his mouth.

I gave him a couple of dress shirts and ties and the kids made him so cute cards in their class at church. We always do a gift for the fathers on fathers day and the mothers on mother's day at church--they all got little bags of cookies this year (it was the same last year) I didn't make breakfast because we were out of eggs! (and I don't know of any breakfast you can make that doesn't use eggs somewhere!) I made dinner, but I usually make dinner.

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Ouch Brittany i hope DS is ok! I got my DH a fathers day card for little man since he has stepped in to be a dad for him and we went out to dinner for a fathers day/bday dinner since my bday landed on fathers day this year Smile

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@ Angela... congrats on getting lucky lol... I got some this morning, too!

@ Brittany... I'm so sorry, I sure do hope DS is feeling better today! I know when my DS got smacked in the face with a toy one time and blood was gushing all over the place I thought I was going to pass out I was so scared...