QOTD: Friday

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QOTD: Friday

Are you doing anything exciting this weekend?

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Just working for me... yippee!!

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Tomorrow morning I have to do face painting at a children's health fair booth for 4 hours in the morning, then DH and I are going to a friend's wedding in the afternoon.

Sunday, we will probably just go to church and then DH will watch football all afternoon. Maybe if I'm feeling up to it, I'll get started on painting the baby's room.

Tonight, I talked DH into going to Red Lobster for dinner because ever since I saw the darn commercial, I have been wanting the neverending shrimp!!

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mmm carrie that sounds like a good weekend!!!

I'm working tonight. Tomorrow will be lots of napping. We have a HUGE load of stuff from our basement to take to the recycling center. There is a dumpster on the street for flood victims, but since this is all cardboard I feel guilty putting it in there when it should be recycled.

Sunday is church and more napping lol.

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It's supposed to rain all weekend...BOOOOO..... So I think I will clean the house.

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Nada. Tomorrow DH is in a golf tournament and I plan to stay home all day and rest. Sunday I am working from 7:30 - 4. I guess you could consider that going to church since I work for a church. Smile Although I won't be able to attend any of the services.

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Ice cream social (whatever that means) at my DDs school this evening & then the norm.

Tomorrow Phoenix has a soccer game at 2:30 & then I will decorate for Halloween. I got some really fun stuff Smile Our family favorite so far is the thing that makes screaming & haunting noises when someone steps on the doormat.
Probably nothing tomorrow night. Girls will be w/ dad.

Sunday, ?? Hopefully I will have some time for football, but I doubt it. I never seem to.

I am about 5 weeks behind in my online class so I should probably do something about that & I would LOVE to get to the gym once or twice this w/end.

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OB appointment tomorrow! This is exciting because it involves LEAVING THE HOUSE! Biggrin

This might also be the last one my boyfriend gets to come to since they're ending Saturday hours after September. But I'm also guessing that at some point I'll be too big to drive myself ... hmm.

I'm far enough into this that I'm ready to start asking for help and so hopefully we'll have willing bodies to help get some of the random things done. I have a pile of Amazon boxes to break down (bed rest is DANGEROUS, you guys!), the piles of baby laundry and my own colostrum-stained shirts are growing, and then all the usual things like sweeping and watering have been put on the back burner for too long.

I hope you get your big shrimp dinner -- I'm jealous of your rain since that would eliminate the need to water -- and I so wished I liked football because I know that will be on seemingly non-stop for the next few months but I just never could get into it -- Happy Weekend, girls!

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I work 7a-3pm tomorrow. Then Sunday it'll just be me in the kids as hubby as to work 10-7 Sad I hate that shift. Right in the middle of the day so you can't really do anything. I do plan on visiting my family on Sunday while he is at work. Gotta go play with that little nephew of mine!

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"mlle_carrie" wrote:

Tonight, I talked DH into going to Red Lobster for dinner because ever since I saw the darn commercial, I have been wanting the neverending shrimp!!


Not much planned here. Hopefully DH will finish grouting the tile in the hall bath and we can start putting that room back together.

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Laying low this weekend. Going to try to catch up on things around the house.

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DH and I went to Red Lobster for never ending shrimp last week and it was sooo good!

Tomorrow we don have much planned but Sunday we are picking up our nursery furniture! I'm excited to finally get it! Smile

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"mlle_carrie" wrote:

Tonight, I talked DH into going to Red Lobster for dinner because ever since I saw the darn commercial, I have been wanting the neverending shrimp!!

Totally jealous! I love their cheddar biscuits!

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I had a surprise bday party for my moms bday last night, Went to a childrens clothing sale and got some great deals! then out and about with my aunts and mom today, brunch tomorrow and they leave at 4pm and then back to the norm.