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QOTD: Friday

Have you ever been fired or laid off from a job? What happened?

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I was fired once and I was so happy. I hated that place. Basically me and 2 friends were instant messaging about how miserable we were there and our boss was monitoring our chats without us knowing, lol. He called us all three in at once and fired us. I was thrilled and the other two literally cried and begged to stay. I stood up and said "is that all, can I go now?" and grabbed my purse and left. I had wanted to quit for months but never had the nerve.

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I was laid off twice. At the first company I worked for, they were acquired by another company. They kept me on for a year but then were moving everyone to their new headquarters, which was in Philly. They offered me a position there but I didn't want to move, so I took the severance.

Another job was a start-up company. The investor decided to take the company in a different direction and fired the founders and all of us working under them.

C'est la vie!

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Nope! Count myself as quite fortunate!

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I was laid off for the first time ever this past February. A new manager came in, and I think what peed me off the most is that they told me that they were eliminating the position (there were three of us hostesses at the resort, and they laid all three of us off on the same day), but yet when we went to pick up our final checks that Friday, there was a new girl sitting at our desk, and the new manager was sitting there training her!! I couldn't believe it! We got axed so that she could bring her friend in!! Oh well, it all worked out... I got a new job three weeks later, and they were all just laid off a couple of months ago due to their sales center closing (Karma is a b*tch baby!)!!

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Ive never been fired but I got laid off once in college when I was working at a restaurant that closed down without any notice.

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Nope, I've never been fired or laid off. I guess I am fortunate.

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I worked for bath and body works. One Christmas we were so swamped and I wasn't seasonal but I was mostly sales so I didn't handle money other then ringing someone up if we were really busy. I had just come from being a store manager of another place so I was loving not having to deal with it really.. anyway, it was a stressful day, I remember the second manager was upset because it was Christmas and her car broke down and she was upset about presents for her kids etc.

Fast forward over night and I'm eating lunch before going in and my friend who I got a job at my store came over crying. Someone had stolen the night drop and they were questioning everyone who was there that night and she said they took her out into the food court and said they knew she did it. I think they thought they could just harass someone into confessing so lame. So I went to work, they pulled me out to talk in the food court and I went. They started in with the whole we know you did it, your finger prints are on the bag. I laughed and said no way and asked if I could go back to work (that is really the short version lol) They finally figured out that it was the second manager and they kept her working there and garnished her wages etc. They fired the entire seasonal crew that was there that night and me. I wasn't told why but I figured it was due to me refusing to be treated like a moron.

I still love bath and body works and shop there but I sure as hell am glad I didn't stay, got a better job in a week and never looked back lol. Oy what a story thanks for reading my book LOL

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I was fired from my first job when I was 16!

I worked at a car wash. I was to vacuum the cars & then drive them to the wash. One day I vacuumed the car, drove it half way and realized I forgot something. I opened the car door, it was a stick shift, I forgot to set the break and the car rolled down the hill and crashed into a parked car Sad

They fired me pretty quickly! I went home and cried. My mom was so sweet, she made me realize it was my first job & not to take it so seriously.

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Laid off from my first job during high school-- I was hired to work cashier at a cafeteria-type restaurant that closed its doors about two weeks after I'd started. The manager hired me so that I could get some work experience on my resume, no matter how brief, and make finding my second job easier. Very sweet of him. Smile

The second time I was laid off, I was at my first job right out of undergrad, just married, and living in a new city. I was one of three people doing internal tech support for a marketing firm--- they had field people who went in to your local Toys 'R' Us or Best Buy or wherever, and make sure a particular video game's endcaps were properly in place, or count product on display, or whatever, and submit their reports via the internet. Whenever they'd run into technical difficulties with filing their electronic reports, they'd call us, and we'd help them get back on track. It wasn't particularly brain surgery or rocket science, so when they asked us what the workload was like, how difficult things were, etc, I was pretty honest with my answers. Blum 3 They used that information to lay me off, since they figured tech support was overstaffed by one, and I was the low man on the totem pole... and then they ended up having to hire two new people to cover the position within the month. Blum 3

The cool part, though, was that we had moved to the area because DH had been promised a job in his field--- and it fell through. So for three months, he was unemployed. He'd found work about a week earlier before I got let go, so we still managed to make it on a single income, although things were tight. I did some temp stuff here and there for about a month before getting hired full-time at a municipality, where I stayed for five years and got to use their tuition reimbursement program to get my Master's. Not to mention, my commute got cut from 45 min each way to a 5-min drive. Blum 3 So even though getting laid off was never fun or pleasant, it always worked out for the best in the big picture. Otherwise, I'd still be stuck in a cubicle telling people not to file their report through their AOL browser... lol... Biggrin

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I worked at a car wash. I was to vacuum the cars & then drive them to the wash. One day I vacuumed the car, drove it half way and realized I forgot something. I opened the car door, it was a stick shift, I forgot to set the break and the car rolled down the hill and crashed into a parked car

Please forgive me Amy but I had to laugh when I pictured this in my head! How awful that must have been for you at 16.