QOTD: Friday

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QOTD: Friday

OK, spill the beans... who will be going out tonight and tomorrow to shop for Christmas (or Christmas dinner) because they procrastinated??!!

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Thankfully I finished all of my Christmas shopping in October (I started in August lol)!! But I was at Walmart last night getting all of my cooking goodies for Christmas dinner! That place was a nightmare, so I can only imagine what today and tomorrow will be like! I'm dreading having to do my normal weekly grocery shopping later today!

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DH does the cooking and shopping and needs to go to the grocery store today. We need wrapping paper too but otherwise shopping is done!

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well, we did all of our shopping today. Every single present, but it wasn't procrastinating. It was budgeting lol. It just worked out that this was when we could spend the money.

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I dont have anything for my mom or brother, but everyone else is covered.

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We braved sam's club this afternoon for a family outing for a few things like milk, bread and some cheesecake for tomorrow Smile Other than that, everything is ready in the office for tomorrow night!!!

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No way! I'm not going out in public until Christmas day or the day after when I go for my pre-op appt. we went to the mall last weekend and it was insane!

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Just got back from midnight at Wally-World for the first time in ages. Spontaneously decided that I needed to bake chocolate mint brownies tomorrow, but between not knowing when TaterTot will arrive, the possibility of a weather change, and not wanting to be in a store tomorrow... I opted for a midnight run tonight. Also picked up some spinach for a quiche I'm planning on making as part of Christmas dinner. (Decided on that a couple of hours ago, too, lol.) And DH told me, "I reeeeeeeally want some fleecy slippers for Christmas!" late this evening, so I did my best to sneak out after he'd gone to bed.

So, yeah... more like last-minute shopping because of a lot of last-minute ideas, rather than deliberately putting stuff off. Smile