QOTD: Friday

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QOTD: Friday

Did you neglect your teeth while you were pregnant, as in no trips to the dentist??!! No shame lol...

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I had a cleaning in February, right before I got pregnant, so I'm good with that until next month lol. I had a crown and a filling back in October, but I wouldn't let them do any x-rays.

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I go every 6 months.....I'm good about that probably b/c my family doesn't have great teeth so I try to stay very on top of mine!

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Yes Sad I have severe dentist anxiety after having a lot if horrific procedures as a kid. I have nice teeth now but I haven't been to the dentist in a looooong time because of my huge fear Sad so bad.

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No, my dentist wouldn't see me while pg. actually, I had my teeth worked on in the 2nd tri but they wouldn't see me in the 1st and 3rd.

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I'm with you Hilary. I haven't been to the dentist in forever. I am petrified to go. Sounds really silly, but I can't help it. Sad

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The dentist is the worse of the doctors IMO. I'd rather see the gyno any day.....lol

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I haven't been in 4 years... Horrible right? I don't even have dentist anxiety. I hate leaving my kids with baby sitters. Prior to kids I was in the middle of my surgical residency. I am sooo overly dedicated to work that taking a morning or afternoon off for a dentist appointment seemed impossible. I have this fear of being seen as lazy, so I never ever took any time off. I never missed a class during college either. I'm ridiculas!

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Nope I went to the dentist in April (didn't know I was pg but I was) and then again in October.

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I went in March while preggo and missed my 6-month check up after that. I will go here in the next few weeks. My dentist office is in my work office building so it was easy to go.