QOTD: Friday

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QOTD: Friday

If you're back to DTD, what method of BC are you using? If you're not quite there yet, what will you use, if anything?

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I'm on the mini pill for now. DH is supposed to go get the big "V", but I really haven't been pushing it all that much because the thought of this being our last baby (which I agree it should be lol) still makes me sad...

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If I ever get there again it will be the mini pill...I have an undated prescription for it that I tossed aside on my dresser haha!! Wink

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Not yet, and a casual adherence nfp when the time comes

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Mini Pill, just started last night!

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at the moment we're using the separate bedroom bc. But probably mini pill when I go back and see my doc next week.

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We will use condoms. It's what works for us. I can't remember to take the pill and they make me feel yucky. I don't trust the mini pill either. After reading about Angie's experience with the IUD I ruled that out because I also have a cervix that is apparently hard to find (when I went into the labor and they tried to check dilation they had to dig to find my cervix and it was excruciating!) and I am not going through all of that.

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Not there. Don't know if or when I will be again. And nothing, ed just got his vasectomy last week.

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Minipill at 6 weeks pp along with the natural birth control of breastfeeding and Emily sleeps in our bed....DH is getting the snip this summer.

Lesley- make sure you have a back-up until Ed gets his "all clear" from the doctor! My co-worker just got his wife knocked up 2 weeks after he had the big v...

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I'm still not allowed to do anything since I'm just about 3 weeks PP but when we do it will be NFP I'm sure. I keep going back and forth on BC options but nothing sounds good to me.

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I had the tubal done in hospital. Instant BC.