QOTD: Friday

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QOTD: Friday

Any weekend plans?

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Costco. ROFL (DH won't let me tear him away from Saturday's hockey game or the Superbowl on Sunday...)

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Well, I'm hoping that DH and I can actually have a date night tonight (if Nana will agree to babysit). DH's stepdad sent us a $60 gift card for Outback Steakhouse (late Christmas present lol) and I really want to see that new Lady in Black movie, so that's what our plan is for tonight! I work tomorrow, and then I'm taking Sunday off for the Super Bowl (go Patriots!). We're going to our friends house, they're throwing a party so it should be fun!!

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Date night tonight!

Absolutely nothing tomorrow.

Superbowl on Sunday at home.

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Spending tomorrow at home since my daughter has strep Sad DH and I were supposed to have a date night tomorrow but she has to be on meds for 24 hours before she isn't contagious so I don't want anyone else exposed. Thankfully we can still attend DH's Dad's Super Bowl party on Sunday since she'll have been on her meds for two days.

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Oh no I hope she feels better soon. strep sucks.

No real plans. Staying home mostly and cleaning up from the recent construction this week. I hate construction. Sad