QOTD (Monday)

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QOTD (Monday)

Just thought I'd do one of these to get to know each other a little better.

What are your hobbies?

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I read a lot and I scrapbook. I used to cross-stitch but I just don't have time to do it too right now.

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Before I got pregnant I used to make cupcakes as a hobby. I have 100s of different wrappers and other stuff. I can't stand the sight of cupcakes now so I'm packing it up and putting it away for after the baby lol

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I do a little art here and there, but not much focus recently.

Trying to get into bookbinding, but it's more crafty and I have trouble working in three dimensions. Smile

Used to do a little fencing, but the person who was teaching me got a military transfer out of my area.

Not much in the way of hobbies these days!

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I love to cook, though the nausea of early pregnancy has sort of put that on the back burner. LOL. I'm also into photography. About a year ago, I invested in a digital SLR, but I still really need to take some time to really learn how to use it beyond the presets. I dabble a little in blogging when I'm feeling inspired.

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I also love to cook and bake, but same for me...nausea has forced me out of the kitchen (much to DH's dismay lol). I also enjoy playing the flute, studied it quite seriously for many years and almost decided to become a professional musician! Sometimes I wish I had. I also enjoy photography, I have studied that quite a bit as well.

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i looooove cooking too!!!!

im starting to slowly get into photography. im planning a smash cake session with Luke for early next week. im so excited to do it.

i like scrapbooking. ive done maybe 5 and they all came out great. at some point i will do one of Luke's first year, but im waiting to feel a bit better before tackling that one!

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I like to Jeep and Camp. I used to quilt alot, but since DD came along, I just never have the time/ energy.

PS- I think we should all meet at HaganBaby's house for cupcakes next Jan.! LOL!

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I'm up for some cupcakes.

My hobbies are reading and watching reality tv. Smile Oh and sleep- whenever I can get some.

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Is working out considered a hobby? What about hanging out with friends and family? I have so little time in my life, that is what I typically try to do in my free time... as well as get out with the family to go camping and such.

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I love traveling and hiking/camping/backpacking. My dog retired from backpacking a couple of years ago and now, sadly, I think I have to follow suit. I'll be sad not to share that experience with the kid but we'll definitely still go out camping and day hiking. As for traveling, I was super excited to go to Alaska this December with friends. I mean, until I got my little unexpected surprise! I'm still kind of bummed about canceling the trip only because it's tough to say when I'll have the next chance like that to meet up with my girlfriends for a random trip.

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I love going to dinner and the movies. It's my perfect date night. I also enjoy cooking and baking, but don't do much of either, as my hubby is doing the no carb thing so he can't eat much, and my kids never want to eat the food that I cook! I've stayed away from the baking because I don't want to gain any extra weight lol!

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I use to make cards before ds. I do love to bake and run. My hobbies now are really just spending time with my family