QOTD - Monday

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QOTD - Monday

What is your favorite holiday and why?

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I just LOVE Halloween. Not sure why?! Dressing up is fun and trick or treating. Love it! Plus the holiday is pretty laid back, which I like too...

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I know people say it's not a *real* holiday, but I love Valentine's day. I just love all the pink and purple and hearts and stuff!

I also like Thanksgiving. I love the fall season, and getting together with family and friends.

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Christmas for sure. 2nd would have to be Thanksgiving, and then Valentines Day.

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I love Halloween, my dh and i were married as close as I could get to Halloween and be in a Saturday lol. His bday is at the end of Oct. When we first started trying to get pregnant we were trying for Oct, lol 2 years ago lol. I do love Christmas and am very excited to have a baby this year to share it with.

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I love Thanksgiving. Mostly just the season, because I really do not love the drama that happens that time of year, hahahaha.

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Christmas for sure. I love the entire month of December, just the feeling that the holiday season gives you. I love all of the decorations, putting my tree up, all of that. Plus, my anniversary is in December (the 2nd) and my daughter's brithday is the 11th... and now this little man is due on the 1st (although I'm sure he'll come in November!).