QOTD: Monday

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QOTD: Monday

Are you painting your LO's nursery? If so, what color?

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No, I am just going to leave it white Smile

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Yeah, we really need to paint the bedrooms. Our new rental has the most hideous paint colors. One is a deathly olive green and the other is the cheeriest/pukiest lavender. I'd prefer some sort of light green or blue for both rooms. Since we haven't painted yet, I figure that'll be a spring break project. The two bedrooms are the same size so we haven't even decided which will be our room and which will be the baby room! It doesn't matter yet since we'll all be squished in together with the piles of diapers, etc. lining the other room.

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Krystal - I like the color you have picked.

We aren't painting since its staying the same from DS.

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Yep, we painted it a light pink.

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We were going to but decided against it for the sake of time and also because we plan to put our house on the market an don't want to pick a color buyers' might not like. If we did, it would probably be a light lavender.

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Yes, most of y'all have seen pics of ours....blue "skies" on the top half and green "hills" on the bottom with Dr. Seuss stuff painted on a couple of walls.

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I am trying to go as neutral as possible with pale yellow and different shades of blue.

I just got the paint...it's going to be a pale yellow (http://www.lowes.com/pd_144337-86-B142BELGIANWAFFLE_?PL=1&productId=3328946) and I have a friend who is refinishing a dresser for me that is going to be pale blue that will look something like this:

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We are leaving it the same color it is now- it is currently DS's room. It's kind of a light green. I ordered some new nursery bedding for the baby and tried to match it to the paint- we'll see how well I did when it comes in. haha!

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White tinged with purple. And I'm mad becaus paint is on sale right now, and I don't have the quilt to match it to right now. Grrrrrrrr....... Looks like a weekend trip to Richmond ofr a quilt..hehehehe