QOTD: Saturday

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QOTD: Saturday

So what's your favorite item you've bought for baby so far (or are looking forward to buying)?

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I haven't bought it yet, but I'm very much looking forward to buying his crib and bed set... I love seeing it all finished and put together and thinking "my little man is going to be lying in here soon!"

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Well, I haven't bought very much yet. I am really excited about the cloth diapers I just bought...and I bought a really cool sling at a thrift store today, only to find out it was recalled due to some infant deaths Sad So, out with the garbage I guess. I hate to even donate it since it could be dangerous.

I am most looking forward to buying a beautiful quilt...I just haven't picked out the perfect one yet.

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I am most excited to buy the three big things in my mind...stroller, car seat, and crib! Two of the three aren't sold in town though, so it will require a long trip or buying online (I want to try the stroller first though!)

Of what we have so far, it's probably the book collection we've got going. I think we have about ten or so already :o

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I can't wait to get my Ergo baby carrier. Smile

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Baby's coming home outfit; which I just bought on friday.

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We haven't bought much but I love all the cute little girly clothes!!! Smile

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I'm getting excited/nervous/ready to set the room up (we just got the keys to our new rental house yesterday and are moving in in a half hour!) so I'm excited about getting cribs already.

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I am excited about getting the nursery furniture. The walls are painted and we are kind of at a stopping point until we get the furniture....I don't want to decorate the walls until I see what the crib and dresser look like when it's in there.

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I haven't really bought much to be excited about yet. I like the sleepers I bought so I guess one of those?