QOTD: Saturday

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QOTD: Saturday

What is your ideal date night?

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For me it's just dinner and a movie! Yesterday was DH's 35th birthday, so I took him out to his fav restaraunt, it's called Texas De Brazil (a brazillian steakhouse that's pretty much all you can eat!) and then to see the new movie Don't Be Afraid of the Dark. We had such a good time and ate WAYYYYYY too much food (which the baby loved lol), and it was so nice just to get away to ourselves without the kids!

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Just about anything without the kids is a perfect date night!!!! Movies are great, dinner is awesome!!! A hotel is even better Wink

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Oohhh a hotel is nice! I've only ever done that once, and it was with my first husband for an anniversary. I would really like to plan something like that about two weeks before I'm due, as our 5 year anniversary is December 2, the day after my due date and I don't want to try and plan anything for around that time obviously! I work at a timeshare and I can get a super cheap rate for the night... and there's a hot tub in the bedroom! Plus if we can do a show and a dinner or something on the strip I think it would be a lot of fun... hopefully!

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For me, I guess what we do isn't as important as what kind of mood we are both in when we go out. I have had dinner and movie nights that were great and others that sucked. It just depends on us. Some nights we are talkative and in a good mood and we really connect. Other times, we are just feeling blah. That being said, there is a Greek restaurant here that we both really like and we tend to go to for special date nights. But honestly, some of our best evenings have been at home on the couch with the fireplace crackling and a couple of glasses of wine in our hands...and we just talk.

ETA: We often joke about what a boring couple we are! Smile

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When Nicholas is gone overnight. We will go out to dinner, rent or see a movie, and enjoy some alone time. The absolute best part is....SLEEPING IN!!!!! FTMs enjoy your sleep now while you can Smile

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I'd probably say dinner and a movie. We are a pretty boring couple, too, lol.

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Any alone time is welcomed! It's fun to go to a concert, see a movie, eat bad for you desserts, go out for a drink with some friends!

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Hooters take out and a TV series on demand Smile Ha - I love Hooters. And Dh and I have watched so many shows by buying the DVDs and watching one episode after another. Its fun and relaxing and we can only do it when we are alone.