QOTD: Saturday

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QOTD: Saturday

When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

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From the time I was 5 I wanted to be a doctor... not because I wanted to help people, but because I knew they made a lot of money lol!!! It really stuck with me through the years, but instead of college at 18 I got married (first husband... young and stupid!) and it sadly never happened. Who knows, maybe after my kids are old enough to care for themselves I'll be the oldest person in medical school... like Patch Adams lol!

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Doctor as well- but then when I got to college I realized I can't stand blood! LOL

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Teacher! Smile

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I think I always knew I wanted to be a teacher. I'm not really a teacher now...I supervise others...but I'm still in the education field and I get to be around the kiddos, so I love it!

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I never had one consistent dream as a kid and I've held true to that in my jobs as an adult! :confused:

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Marine Biologist. What made me change my mind was I didn't want to be stuck in a lab & I was scared that if I turned my passion into a job I would end up regretting it.

One thing I wish I would have pursued was being a war photographer.

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I wanted to be an OB/GYN so I could deliver babies all day. But HS health class changed that when we saw slides of STDs and I realized there are cons to the job. LOL