QOTD: Saturday

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QOTD: Saturday

What are you most thankful for today?

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I'm thankful for the my health, baby's health, and the health of my family!

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I'm thankful that I made it to 29 weeks yesterday! Looking forward to 30 weeks next friday lol.

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The shorter list would be what I am not thankful for. But today it is my family all being together.

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I am thankful that today is a hundred times better than yesterday and I'm thankful I sought help from a chiropractor instead of just taking the OBs word that every pain I was having was normal and there was nothing I could do that I wasn't already doing.

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my AMAZING, loving, patient, kind, supportive DH. I am so blessed.

And I know how blessed I am because my first partner (daughter's father,) was the opposite.

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A healthy baby growing so strong inside of me and a loving son that is the picture of innocence and fun.

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I'm thankful for the friends and family that hosted an awesome baby shower for me today! Smile

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I am thankful for everything that I have when there are so many people in this world doing without.

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I'm thankful I have such a supportive husband and the health of our family!

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I am thankful for my family and for all the little things in life that keep us warm, safe and happy.

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Right now I am thankful for the weather we are having here. Its finally in the 80's and sunny instead of the 100's and HOT!

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I am thankful for all the love that I have from others...even though usually I just want to kill them all! =/ lol