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QOTD: Sunday

Do you constantly change your hairstyle and/or hair color? Why or why not?

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Nope, because I am too lazy. It has been the same for years and I wait until I have to get it cut before I do it. lol

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I do switch up my hair color at least once a year. I go from light blond to the darkest brown before black! I think it's because I like it light but DH likes dark hair... I like each one for about six months before I'm sick of it and want a change! I've had long hair my whole life (as in a few inches shy of my bum) but in 2009 I chopped it all off and went with the Posh/Gwyneth Paltrow short in the back and longer in the front look. It was super cute, but it's definitely more work having short hair as opposed to having long hair, as you have to do it EVERY DAY! It's almost past my boobs now again, and blonde, but now I kinda want to chop it and do it dark again... so many decisions lol...

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No. When I was younger I experimented with color a lot, but it got to be annoying to maintain. I have natural curls, so I have learned how to work with them and I love my hair. The only changes I really make is that I will get it chopped off every few years and then I will spend a few years growing it out again.

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For about a year or so I kept it the same and that is longest I have ever been without color. I colored it again in July and will keep up with it again. I'm constantly changing it. I've had short, medium and long and every color and color combo imaginable.

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I used to mess around with the color a lot but I went very grey very young so I decided a couple of years ago to just go with it. I like getting a new cut but I'm too lazy to get it done so I pretty much forget about my hair and pull it back a lot for months at a time and then once or twice a year I get a nice cut and take better care of it for a bit.

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I get my hair highlighted blonde with foils every 6-8 weeks, and trimmed every couple months or so. Ive had blonde hair for about 5 years now...my natural color is dark brown. The longest I've gone without coloring my hair was this year, during the first trimester. I had the worst dark roots ever! Im getting a touch up on Wednesday and I can't wait Smile Oh, and I have naturally curly hair, too. I used to straighten it almost every day with my Chi, and then I started teaching kindergarten and waking up at 5:30am. I quickly realized that the curly hair would have to do Smile

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I change the length up a bit but nothing too drastic. Color I don't mess with too much. Just various shades of brown. I am so afraid of doing something that will make me look like a freak....lol

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Nope. I have had the same haircut for the past 10 years (wow that's sad) because it is hard to find a style that looks good with curly hair that is also LOW MAINTENENCE. When I say low maintenence, I mean wash, condition, and let it air dry so that it looks good. I used to color my hair, it's naturally brown and I would just enhance the color a little with shades of brown but I haven't done that since I was married 5 years ago.

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Nope, I just don't have the time! I had a a-line haircut for years, but grew that out so back to long hair right now. I do need to dye it more often to cover up all these dang grays though! I'm just so busy!