QOTD: Sunday

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QOTD: Sunday

It's a boring a slow day lol, so what have you done today?

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I cleaned out my sons' room, and helped DH move all of his superhero toys and posters into their room! We're slowly but surely moving all of his crap out of his mancave to make way for baby furniture and goodies!! And now I'm at work until 9PM!

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I spent the entire day painting our kitchen. I am still finishing up some of the cabinets, but I'm almost done...waiting for the first coat to dry so I can put on the last coat. My mom, dad, and a friend helped me. DH is not allowed to paint...he's too messy...but I gave him other chores to do. LOL.

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I helped my boyfriend prepare for a job interview (he's there now), did some dishes, took a nap, and made a quick plan for the first month of school.

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My son and I went shopping. We went to the craft store, Once Upon a Child, and Target. I got pretty much everything I need to finish up the nursery (except curtains, and a possible small side table for next to the rocking chair). Also got some of the last things we needed for when she comes...newborn diapers, lanolin, breastpads. This week I plan to get things hung on the walls!

When we got home we went to some live music at a neighbor's house.

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Carrie, I have painting to do as well! I need to paint the nursery, but I can't get up the strength to do it! First I have to go buy something off of my registry from his crib set that I want so that I can match colors exactly, then off to home depot to get two colors made, as I want to do stripes! Uggghhh I'm so tired all the time though!!

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I went cleaning lady crazy! Mopped all the first floor, all the laundry(that's a feat in itself), cleaned 2 of 3 bathrooms, cleaned kitchen, made three meals for five people like a short order cook :lol:, straightened up the office which included sorting a huge stack of papers(I had been putting that off for quite a while some bills from march).

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This morning I relaxed and this afternoon I drove about an hour to meet my mom for lunch and shopping. It had been almost 2 months since I've seen her so I'm very happy I finally did. Smile I just got home and put away groceries and now I'm watching a really confusing 20/20 and checking Facebook and pg.org Smile

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We spent a few days ( Wed-today) in Gatlinburg with my MIL and FIL. We got back home today and unpacked and just mostly hung out around the house. I have had a bad headache since Thursday so I haven't felt like doing much of anything. I am looking forward to sleeping in my own bed tonight though!

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Did some cleaning today and a few loads of laundry. Took a walk around the neighborhood with Brynna as she has learned to ride her bike with no training wheels so now she wants to ride her bike all day/everyday. And we went to visit DH's grandma and grandpa. She just got home from a short stay in the hospital due to cellulitis in her legs. We didn't get a chance to go and see her at the hospital because of me working and DH not having a car at the moment.

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DH and I picked up the contents of an antique store that went out of business, so I spent today doing my first batch on eBay... I'm going to be doing this for the next five years, ow! Biggrin

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I relaxed and did laundry and a bit of tidying (DH thankfully did the dishes!). Then I went online and cleaned up my registry and added a few things. My shower is apparently going to be in September!! I didn't think it would be that early, but that's what works for my MIL and she is the one throwing it.

Then we went and had a brief dinner with DH's family before going to get groceries. Boring day!

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"Starryblue702" wrote:

I cleaned out my sons' room, and helped DH move all of his superhero toys and posters into their room! We're slowly but surely moving all of his crap out of his mancave to make way for baby furniture and goodies!! And now I'm at work until 9PM!

This is exactly what we did. We moved DH's comics and muggs out of his room and into his new room and put DS' room together as well as the nursery. Sunday we went to IKEA and an antique store and got a few more things for the new man cave.

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We had a fun and busy weekend. Yesterday DS earned his stars for the week and his reward was a trip to the pool! We got there early and had the entire pool to ourselves for an hour and a half! He even went down the BIG slide by himself! It was a great time.

Then that afternoon some friends came over with their daughter and the kids played and we all just hung out for a couple of hours. It was a fun day.