QOTD: Sunday

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QOTD: Sunday

OK, so I've been slacking and we haven't had any questions in a while! Here ya go:

Who is your celebrity crush?

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Tom Brady (if you don't know, he's the QB for the New England Patriots)... OMG he's so yummy! I'll shamefully admit that I also have a female celeb crush... Megan Fox!

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Ohh boy this is HARD...lol. I shall break mine into categories.

Sports Crush: Brian Urlacher from the Chicago Bears
Bad Boy: Vin Diesel
Nice Guy: Patrick Dempsey
Musician: Justin Timberlake

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Matt Damon and Denzel Washington!

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Karl Urban and Tom Hardy... Yumm! Specially Tom Hardy in Inception. Loved him in that.

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I dont have one, but my first celebrity crush was actually Michael Jackson! shortly followed by pierce brosnan. LOL

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Adam Levine....yummy!

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I'd tell you , but I have recently discovered that I am old and so are all my celeb crushes and they apprently look like crumb now....

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Probably would have to say Gavin Rossdale and Julian McMahon.

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"I'm_a_pepper" wrote:

Matt Damon and Denzel Washington!

Same here - I'm not really into celebs but if I had to think of one then it would be Denzel.

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I love the Rock! Wink

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