QOTD: Sunday

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QOTD: Sunday

What are your holiday plans? Are you going out of town?

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We are not going out of town. It is the first time we haven't visited dh's family in SC in years. I just don't want to travel with a newborn again. We did it when dd was this age and it was pretty miserable.

We will just go to my moms house and aunts locally this year.

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Nope - after having kids we stopped traveling for Christmas. Yesterday we went to DH's family (2 hours away so not bad) and spent the day. His parents have everyone over to decorate their tree. Everyone includes his 3 sisters, 9 nieces and nephews, 1 nephew in law and 1 great nephew then DH and I and our 2 boys. so that's our Christmas with his family. Then Christmas Eve we go to my aunt's and do presents with my family and have dinner and Christmas Day we stay home. My family all comes over b/c we're the only ones with kids on my side and DH will make a roast beef dinner. It's nice and I'm looking forward to it. Evan was really sick for Christmas last year with a 100-102 degree fever (turned out to be roseola) so hopefully everyone can be healthy this year!

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still up in the air. I think we are going to try and get Jonah's frenulum clipped this week. It all depends on how well he heals and resumes feedings. If all is okay, we will go to my parents house 3-hours away. If not, we will stay here and visit DH's family.

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We'll be doing Christmas at our house. M parents and siblings always come over for Christmas dinner... I can't wait to cook yummy food!

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I'm hoping to be home for Christmas eve and day and not in the hospital. The furthest I am traveling is a mile away to my mom's house.