QOTD: Thursday

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QOTD: Thursday

What is your favorite app?

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Mine is the HBO Go app that's on my phone... it's amazing! You can watch every episode of every show that's ever been on HBO (Sex and the City, Sopranos, Hung, True Blood... all of them!), plus about 100 movies that change all the time! It's a life saver when I'm bored at work lol!

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I am un-cool and I don't own a smartphone so no Apps for me LOL

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Words with Friends!

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Oh yes words with friends is awesome. Also loving shapeshifter, pandora, Facebook, shopstyle, and photobucket.

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I had a WWF addiction - I maxed out all my games every time. Then one day I just got over it and never played again. All my opponents were mad, LOL.

Right now its solitaire. I play it every free second I get to just wind down. I actually play it so much my eyes start to hurt. LOL

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Coin Drop!!!!! It is soooo cute and such a fun game Biggrin

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"_Jessicah_" wrote:

I am un-cool and I don't own a smartphone so no Apps for me LOL

Me either!! I don't even know how to get on the internet on my phone- it costs an arm and a leg anyway because I don't have a data plan. Maybe one of these days I will update to the 21st century, ha ha.

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Angry Birds...this is what I play when I am waiting at the OB office.

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