QOTD: Thursday

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QOTD: Thursday

What did you get for Christmas?

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I got an $80 gift card to Sephora!! It was so nice to go shop for myself... I bought some foundation and a highlighting cream pen for the eyes!

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DH and I got each other a TV so that was the major gift. But then he also got me a pair of comfy crocs for around the house and a bin organizer thing for the family room. My mom got "us" a breadmaker (really got DH one since he does the cooking) and then we got some small things from family. All in all it was lovely Smile The kids got more toys than I thought even possible!

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A gift card to the mall, which I spent at Sephora too! I got a lipgloss set and a neutral eyeshadow palette. I also got some money, two throw pillows and cozy blanket for the couch, and DH and I got a gift card to a restaurant for a night out Smile And one of Elaina's gifts was a Baby Bullet lol...that one is more for me Wink I really wanted one!!

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From DH- a watch
From my brother- Kohl's gift card for some new clothes Smile
From the parents- new flat screen TV for our bedroom
From the ILs- Kohl's gift card
From BIL/SIL- Cute monogrammed diaper bag

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From DH: a bird feeder Smile
From IL's: lands end gift card and cash
My mom: pajamas, set of dishware, mittens

It was a good year!