QOTD: Thursday

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QOTD: Thursday

How was your Valentine's Day? Did you do anything special?

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Mine was pretty good. I waited until the last minute to get my cards, but thankfully Hallmark still had a bunch lol! I got cards for DH, my boys, and my mom, and then got sweets for my boys. Since we're a little tight on funds, I decided to just make dinner for DH and myself. I made a chicken casserole, mashed potatoes and corn. For dessert, I made the no bake cookies that DH loves. It was a pretty nice evening all around!

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We had an ultra fancy "breakfast for dinner" by candlelight. Haha. It's one of the only things my son actually eats without us putting up a fight, and we cut the toast and sausage with heart shaped cookie cutters which the kids think is just so awesome. Not exactly a gourmet meal though! Lol We had chocolate fondue for dessert and we all wrote down something we love about each family member and I'll make a scrapbook page using those. We always buy the kids a love themed book, too. This year we bought Love You Forever and I bawled all the way through the end like I always do!

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DH and I had sex for the first time since Emily Smile Other than that nothing special. DH was extra nice to me and we read some valentines day books to Nicholas. Oh and we didn't cook- tues night is Chick Fil A kids night.

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It was good! We had a quiet night and ordered pizza lol. I didn't think we were doing gifts so I only got DH a card and some chocolates. Well then he comes home with a necklace and earring set for me! Pink sapphire hearts! I need to spoil him somehow Smile

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Crappy. We didn't do anything. I got DH a card because we usually don't buy gifts. He didn't get me anything and basically didn't even acknowledge it was Valentine's Day. I should be used to this after 10 years. My DH just isn't the romantic type.

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Our anniversary is 2/10 so we had a great first date night since J was born! And tonight we continue our celebration because my mom is here and we are going to concert and out to dinner. To me Vday is annoyingly commercialized, therefore we use is as a fun day with the kids. I made heart-shaped cookies while DS was at school and we frosted them when he came home. Then we colored cards for friends. It was nice!

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