QOTD: Tuesday

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QOTD: Tuesday

So, how have your hormones kicked in? Any silly hormonal stories to share? Smile

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Nothing too strange for me... I'm just horny all the time! Lmao I could dtd morning, noon, and night! I think dh is getting a little worn out lol!

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Hmm... hormones were really only going nuts at the beginning. Before I knew I was pregnant I got a little weepy over stupid things on TV and figured it must be PMS. Further on, maybe at about 7 weeks or so, I was super irritated for a week and it felt a little out of control. I think I remember mentioning here that I had never felt like I understood my middle school girl students so well. I don't really feel affected emotionally at all at this point. The barfing has decreased to maybe once per day and my biggest issues now are feeling hugely obese (it feels like I have a fat tummy flap aiming toward the floor), lots of stretching inside, and I'm not able to control my blood sugar very well. I'm not diabetic, it's not that bad at all, I've just always been one to get sick when my blood sugar is low and now I'm finding if it's low, I don't have the energy to get up and eat and then it only gets worse. Oh ok, I guess I found things to complain about! Ha!

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I cry at the drop of a hat and go all crazy psycho on DH. Lucikly he understands and calls it "baby syndrom" LOL

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Was in Dallas this weekend, so at the church I went to, they had a community of deaf people there visiting, plus a handful of translators. I cried when I watched them sign along with the songs we sang. Smile

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My husband is off work on an injury for up to six more months...and they are checking him for rheumatoid arthritis. He is in constant pain and discomfort already then he got injured, and is waiting for surgery to get scheduled.....so I am flippin psycho! And tired! And I might add, trying so hard to be a good wife and mommy. I am not okay with my hormones encouraging my selfishness. Sad

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I get emotional about anything/everything. I can cry during a song on the radio, over a television show, if I spill milk!! I hate the emotional roller coaster.

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I really had to fight back tears when I was looking at Father's Day cards today.

Also, DH and I were having a pretty in depth discussion about success and failure in life and how our culture doesn't allow people to fail anymore. I got choked up several times when we talked about our own children and how we would encourage them/allow them to fail/help them up when they fall, etc.

I've also been pretty whiny in general, mainly because I am frustrated at the fact that I am so tired and sick to my stomach all the time. It's starting to get annoying!

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I am ready to tear everybody's heads off! But they deserve it, so it's OK! Lol