QOTD: Tuesday

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QOTD: Tuesday

So I'm a total moron and I posted our QOTD in November by accident lol... but here we are for us!

What is your favorite magazine?

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I love People magazine, but not for the celeb gossip... I love the crossword!

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Science. Smile

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I love magazines!! I like shape and self. I like glamour and taste of home as well Smile

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I love Runner's world, Self, Shape, Woman's Health.

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I really don't read magazines. Sometimes I glance at the tabloids in the check out line but that's about it.

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I don't read them too often, but I like to pick up pretty much any fashion and beauty mag to read in the bath, lol Biggrin

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Food Network, Time, Family Fun, National Geographic but with a toddler and one on the way my magazines often just pile up unread. Sad

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I'm more of a book person but I used to read People at the gym Smile

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I subscribe to All You. I love it for the frugal tips, coupons, recipes, and puzzles in the back. I also get organic gardening. I find the tips really useful. I wish it came more often. I get 6 or 7 issues a year.

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I'm not much of a magaziner. The ones I see or have the most often are the local LA & OC Weekly's. I wouldn't say I necessarily read those though. I mostly use them to find good shows or bands playing.

The only time I really ever get magazines are when I go on a plane. I get the gossipy ones. I get enough Hollywood w/out even wanting it where I live so I try to avoid it all.

One thing I do do though is I buy a People magazine for the day my LO's are born. I have one for my 2 girls & will buy another one for this one. I just think they will get a kick out of them when they grow up. I may buy a newspaper for this one too b/c it seems they may be extinct by the time they are adults.