QOTD: Tuesday

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QOTD: Tuesday

Since Krystal is busy giving birth today I thought I would help her out!

We are all nearing the end of our pregnancies so I thought I would flash back. Were you correct when you predicted the sex of your baby in the sticky for EDD and Gender Predictions?

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I was actually correct. Even though I was still shocked when they said he was actually a boy. I felt boy but I was so sure they were going to say girl. I know that makes no sense...lol

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I knew it was a boy but I wanted a girl lol. But now I'm thrilled I'm having a boy

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I think that my original prediction was boy and I felt boy early on for some reason, but the closer I got to the 20 week u/s, I just knew it was a girl.

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I had no idea, but DH said boy and was so sure, that I went with that!

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Both DH and I were positive this baby was a boy. Finding out that it's a girl was a massive surprise because we were so sure. But we are absolutely thrilled that it's a girl Smile

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The day I found out, I told my boyfriend it was a boy. Never saw this twins thing coming!

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Yep. I have been right all three pregnancies. I had absolutely no doubt and was right each time. It's kind of weird really lol.

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I thought for sure girl at first and then after hearing DS pray every night for a brother, I knew it would be a boy! God couldn't resist his sweet pleas for a baby brother Smile

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We were wrong here- has thought it was a boy but when it got closer I really had no idea! I still was a bit shocked when they said girl though lol

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I have yet to find out. I still really don't know what my feeling is. I just have hopes Biggrin

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I didn't really lean toward on gender or the other. Although I think I felt a little disappointed when she said girl...but now I am excited to meet this little girl of ours. Her big brother is going to be in for a shock.

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Yes I had a feeling (and was hoping) girl and it seemed like a dream when the u/s tech showed us the girly bits!!!!

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Yep - I was. I wasn't really as sure as everyone else around me but they convinced me it was a girl. So I should say that my mom was right. LOL

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I started saying it was a girl right away....it felt like my previous 2 pregnancies & that's what made me think that. I was excited for it to be a girl, but right around when we found out for sure I was sort of hoping for a boy. I'm fine tho....three girls will be amazing. What more can a woman ask for?

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