QOTD: Tuesday

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QOTD: Tuesday

What is your favorite pair of shoes?

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My black flip flops... Hands down!

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All I wear is tennis shoes....lol I have dress shoes for if I have to wear them but that's on a rare occasion. Right now my favorite shoes are the white Skechers that my husbands grandma bought me for Christmas. You don't have to tie them so I can just shove my feet in them really quick. Yes I know that means I'm lazy but who has time to tie shoes!

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my sperry shoes..they have pink accents to make them look cute and are super comfortable. I have to wear closed toe/heel shoes for work so they fit into that criteria Smile

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my black flip flops too. I prefer NO shoes lol.

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I wish I lived where I could wear Flip Flops year round! I'd be all over that! They are my favorite. I have crocs I wear around the house and then sneakers when I leave. For work I have a variety b/c it's business dres

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