QOTD: Wednesday

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QOTD: Wednesday

How is everyone coming along on baby's nursery?

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Trystan's is all done! I just need to add the finishing touches, like a changing pad, lamp... little things like that!

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Getting there. It's not really the biggest concern at this point. I think Amazon is dropping off about 500 diapers today.

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500 dipes!!! WOW!

I need to put stuff away and organize it a bit. Wash some blankets etc. It's pretty close to done, but if she came home tomorrow, I don't think we'd suffer.

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I saw that my wall stickers were purchased from the registry so once I have those I will be putting them up and then getting the crib bedding on and we are done Smile

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I've done all that I plan to do. Actually, I take that back, I have one vinyl decal that I am waiting to hang and I need to put the changing pad on the changing part of the dresser.

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I still need a changing pad that fits the dresser...the one I bought is too big. I also need bookends, because her books are up on floating shelves so they need to be secured. I still have to wash the crib sheets and get those on, and wash all her clothes and diapers (doing that today though!). Then just vaccuuming and I am probably done. So we are really close!

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We are not ready at ALL! seriously!

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I need/want to paint the room. I just need a change. I need to go through the baby clothes wash and Put them away. I plan to do the clothes on Monday. I have one of our sitters coming over to watch the kids while I'm home so they are comfortable with her again (haven't used her since may).

The paint may wait until next week or one after that. I'd like to have DHs help but he supposed to work nearly everyday over the next 12 days. After that he's taking vacation until 2nd week of December.