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What's the one thing you miss most that you can't do while pregnant and will do first once the baby is born?

If you already had your baby...same question, but lucky girl, you've probably done it already!

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hmmm, probably sleeping on my stomach or eating without worrying about my blood sugar as much. I haven't slept on my stomach yet though. Still too sensitive from the c-section.

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Being athletic. Before getting pregnant I was playing soccer , working out, running & even messing around with roller derby. That all seems like so long ago. I ran up until 23 weeks, but then started having contractions so I had to stop.

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I hope your tummy feels better soon, Angie!

Sleeping on my stomach is definitely on the top of my list...and having a glass of wine, though I'm not sure about that since I'm planning to breastfeed. I also really can't wait to leave the house and rejoin the masses who don't have to stop walking every 5 minutes to catch their breath.

I also CAN'T WAIT to stop pricking my finger!!!

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I can't wait to move normally!! I want to jump up off the couch, bend over, pick things up! Everything seems like so much work.

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Walk or talk without losing my breath. And shave my legs without pain. I could go on and on!

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Sleeping on my stomach, jumping in and out of bed with no thought about how I'm going to make it without pain, and having a big peach bellini Smile oh, and a big coffee. Hoping my caffeine sensitivity goes away after delivery.

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Sleeping on my stomach - and I'm totally doing it now and loving it Smile :)

I'm also looking forward to a nice glass of wine but I have to get to the point where he's not nursing every 2 minutes before I can indulge there. I suppose I could pump but that's way too much work for a glass of wine for me. In another month or so he'll probably give me a few hours in the evening and I'll enjoy a glass then and just nurse normally Smile

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I cannot wait to fit into my regular clothes. I hate maternity pants. I cannot wait to put on my regular jeans and t-shirt. I also cannot wait to just be able to get out of bed without looking like a walrus and having to pull myself up using the headboard. It's so embarrassing.

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Crack open a bottle of wine...I have 6 pumpkin beers in the fridge waiting for me too. Also I can't wait to stop counting carbs and worrying about my blood sugar!

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I have not done any of the things I miss yet....

sex w/out the baby in my belly