Rethinking the Name

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Rethinking the Name

A few weeks ago I was 100% certain about what I wanted to name the baby. Now I am having doubts. Is anyone else struggling with this? For those BTDT moms, how many times did you change your mind before you settled on a name?

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With ds and dd I didn't have any trouble. This time is tricky. I have wanted to use Luke since my last pregnancy and would have if dd had been a boy. This time I still want to use it, but I keep thinking about it because it doesn't fit with the other names.

Angie, Eddie, Jamie, Allie and Luke. lol, I probably should have gone with an ie name.

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Very normal! I mean afterall you have to give someone a name that they will be called their entire life. It makes me We debated heavily on two names before choosing Ryan. It was between Ryan and Bryson. Everybody assumed we were going with a B name for this baby since my DH is Bill, DSS is Billy, and my daughter is Brynna. So at first I felt like we needed to go with Bryson to keep with the theme. But the more I thought the more I just felt and knew in my heart this little guys name was supposed to be Ryan so ultimately I told my husband how I felt and thankfully he agreed Smile

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We are having the hardest time as well. With ds we found his name and immediately loved it and never strayed from it. But this LO is impossible to name. It will probably be December before we agree.

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My boyfriend and I decided on a girl's name very early on (you know, back when I was having ONE baby) that we both still like and will use if one of the twins turns out to be a girl. Actually, it's unisex so we'll use the first name for a boy anyway. We haven't obsessed over names much, that one just instantly worked for us and we haven't really even discussed it much more. It's interesting, it actually came together over an email conversation between us that was probably only like 6 emails long in total. So easy! We cannot for the life of us figure out a boy's name! We like our theme of cultures used in the first and middle names from the girl name we chose, but cannot seem to replicate it in a name that we like as much. Or can agree on so well.

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We usually change a few times throughout the pregnancy. I probably won't settle on anything for sure until he is born. Right now we are between Walker and Crew.

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I'm another who narrows it down to our top 2, and then wait until we see him in person before we decide which name fits him better.

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I always had my name picked out months before baby came, and I never changed my mind. I'm sure it will be the same thing with this baby... he's been Trystan Magnus since 14 weeks and that's what he'll stay!! I think by #4 I've heard every baby name under the sun!

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I am having the same problem. With DS it was set. With this little girl we cannot decide. I think we are going to choose 2 names and decide when she's born.

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No name yet here either! We had it narrowed down to two (Josiah & Xavier) now we have added Jonah to the list. I don't have a preference of the 3 yet either! I tried to convince DH to add Kyler to the list but he shot it down saying it sounded like "killer" :roll:

With DS, we knew before he was even a he what his name was & never changed our minds. This is very weird not knowing.

Good luck!!!

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I had NO problems deciding with DS, but I'm struggling with this one. We probably just will have a list and decide when the baby comes!

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I have a long list of possible names, but just like last time my husband doesn't like any of them.

He says it will "come to us" just like last time. Well, as I recall it didn't just "come to us" and he took a lot of convincing last time...

When we even come up with something we won't be revealing any decisions until she is born.