rhinitis of pregnancy

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rhinitis of pregnancy

f your nose is stuffed up, for instance, you can probably chalk it up to the combined effect of hormonal changes and increased blood flow to your mucous membranes. This condition is so common, there's even a name for it: "rhinitis of pregnancy." Some pregnant women also suffer nosebleeds as a result of increased blood volume and blood vessel expansion in the nose.

Read this on Baby Center today. I'm totally having something like this! And there is always a frog in my throat. I'm constantly clearing my throat. New for me as I don't remember this the first time around. Anyone else?

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That's super strange, definitely never heard of that. I did have a bad case of carpal tunnel syndrome with my DD, it was horrible during the last two months my right hand had a constant throbbing and tingling... thankfully it went away after I had her!

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Yea that would be awful!

I got gout no less than 3 times with my first pregnancy. It was almost as painful as birth! I never had it before and never got it since. Hoping it doesn't happen this time around...

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I get this every time! I sleep with breathe right strips on my nose. Real sexy!

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"PAmom2boys" wrote:

I get this every time! I sleep with breathe right strips on my nose. Real sexy!

haha, Hawt Mama! Wink Cute and funny.

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I got nose bleeds with my daughter. I'd never had a nose bleed in my life until I was pregnant with her.

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I have had it for weeks now. I get nosebleeds every day and my nose is always stuffy. I think I am also dealing with some allergies though, since I have a horrible sinus headache, so I am going to try some allergy medicine tonight and see if it helps at all. I think it's ok to take Benadryl during pregnancy, right?

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Yep, Benedryl is ok, as is Zyrtec and Allegra. Smile Hope you get some relief!

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Saline spray is also great for dry sinuses and nosebleeds. Don't use the medicated nasals sprays though...just the saline. I swear that's how I keep from getting sick in the winter...lots and lots of nasal spray.

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Yep, I get the stuffy nose every time I'm pg too. I constantly have to breathe through my mouth. Add me to the sexy list - sleeping with your mouth open means I always wake up in a pool of drool. lol :rolleyes:

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I actually am suspecting this is why I am having headaches?!?!? I have been taking Zyrtec since day one. I have nightmares about it every night. That it hurts the baby and such. Sad Scary dreams! When I do not take the Zyrtec, I am so much worse...stuffy sneezing, crabby, can't sleep, etc. Sigh, I cannot wait to deliver this babe. Smile

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I am normally a total nose spray junkie. I have one for allergies I take every single day (per doctors recommendation) and a decongestant I use when I get a cold or am really stuffed up. I could never sleep with a stuffy nose... Until I got pregnant. My mom gave me a talking to before we got pregnant, saying that I would have to give it up then. And well, I did the day we found out. It was hard. I slept sitting up for a while which helped, and now I use a saline nasal rinse (I know, gross) that really helps to keep my nose clear. I still turn over many times a night depending on which nostril is blocked... LOL!

My doctor said the steroid nose spray I was on for allergies is fine to use but I don't want to risk it and it's been ok. I really recommend a saline nasal rinse or spray! It won't decongest you but I think it helps flush out allergens etc.