Ryans 4 week checkup

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Ryans 4 week checkup

He's doing great! He gained a pound in the last week - wow! He's at 7lbs 12 oz now, and I can tell the difference! He has little baby rolls and a double chin now. Yay!! No more waking him to feed either, he is quite vocal about it every 2-3 hrs. And breastfeeding is slowly becoming less of a struggle, I couldn't be happier! Little man is doing great Biggrin

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Yay!! Great news. Don't you just love the double chin?? Smile elaina has one and it's my favourite feature, so cute!!!

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Great job!

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Way to grow Ryan!!!! I'm so glad breastfeeding is going better for you Elle Smile

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So glad Ryan is a healthy, growing boy! My favorite thing are the little fat cheeks. My Ryan looks like a little sumo wrestler when you hold him a certain way. His cheeks are so big they scrunch his eyes...lol

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Great job momma, and way to grow baby Ryan (I didn't realize until now that we have two baby Ryans on this board!!)! I'm glad that you're doing better with the BF, I know as well as you do how much of a struggle it can be!

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Sounds like he's doing great!