Safe homemade solids

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Safe homemade solids

Hi. As DS gets closer to the six month mark I've been reading up more on starting solids. Came across this info from the AAP on their site that I didn't know and wanted to share since some of us had discussed making our own baby food.

NOTE: If you make your own baby food, be aware that home-prepared spinach, beets, green beans, squash, and carrots are not good choices during early infancy. They may contain large amounts of nitrates. Nitrates are chemicals that can cause an unusual type of anemia (low blood count) in young babies. Commercially prepared vegetables are safer because the manufacturers test for nitrates. Peas, corn, and sweet potatoes are better choices for home-prepared baby foods.

I knew beets absorbed a lot of stuff - good and bad - from the soil which is why it requires frequent crop rotation but I didn't know about the others. I'll have to keep that in mind when I'm grocery shopping. The above info came from this link:

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Thanks for sharing. I have a baby food cookbook and in the 4-6 month section, it mentions that carrots should not be given to babies under 6 months and I wondered about that. Thought is was strange. So far, we've given her yellow squash, peas, sweet potatoes, and apples. She loves her sweet potatoes!

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Sweet potatoes are the big hit here, too! My girly hasn't started solids yet, but my boy has had rice cereal and some home-mashed bananas, apples, avocado (he hated it!), and sweet potatoes. Oh and LOTS of prune juice. Poor guy. Solids are tough on a boy already prone to constipation. Sad

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ooh thank you for this info. I didn't know that either. I have a baby food book but have been coming up with a couple different combos. I already made carrots and will have to remb not to give them to her early. I did lots of apples and pears and put them in the deep freeze for when she's ready.

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Just wanted to share this article on Nitrates. It has some good info on the actual risks of Nitrate poisoning.

I'm planning on waiting until 6 months to make Claire carrots. They were my favorite and daddy doesn't eat them so I'm hoping she likes them too!

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I remember that about the carrots from when I made DS's food, but didn't know that about the others. tfs!

PS We have a sweet potato fan here, too!