Scary night

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Scary night

So, I think I have spent the last two hours or so with really bad braxton hicks Sad I started feeling tight contractions that caused me to feel short of breath and make my heart race. So I drank water, went and laid down, but they didn't stop. I finally called my midwife, who was off call so I had to call the backup. She was nice though, and basically said if they aren't painful and regular and aren't accompanied by any bleeding or discharge, they are probably braxton hicks and I should take a bath and go to bed. I am going to do that soon...just had a late dinner now though!

I'm a bit freaked out! I have never had BH that came with shortness of breath pulse racing. I am still having a few little ones but not quite as bad. Now all my muscles are just sore and tense. Poor baby is down super low getting squished around right now I guess...her kicks are a little painful down there.

I hope they go away soon...yikes. Anyone else having anything similar lately??

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I haven't dealt with this yet, but I hope you get to feeling better soon!


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I have had a couple painful BH. Sometimes I wonder if the position of the baby at the time that it happens is what makes them worse.

I hope you were able to get some sleep and they went away. Maybe try a bath or shower if that happens again to see if that will help get them to stop?

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I have the BH contractions alot. So far mine have not been painful. It's just like my stomach muscles tighten extremely hard. It does make it hard to walk when they're at their worst. I haven't had any racing heartbeats or shortness of breath though. Although I do find I hold my breath sometimes when it I hope you were able to get some rest.

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I was having some crazy BH last night too. This was the first time where I was 100% sure that was what it was. They came and went with regularly too. I would guess the shortness of breath has to do with a couple of factors: one, your lungs are already in cramped space making breathing a lot harder as it is, and two, when you are getting BH it makes it even tighter in there and more cramped!

Drink lots of water today and take it easy! I fear these may become more frequent for a lot of us. :bighug:

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I get regular contractions all day. Mine are usually 20-25 minutes apart. It's frustrating and annoying. Did she say to go get checked out if they are more regular?

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I'm sorry you had to go through that - hopefully they have ended by now. I'm not sure if I have had BH or not - but I have had pain that makes me short of breathe.

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Thanks ladies. After eating something and taking a bath, I started to feel a little better. I did manage to fall asleep and I was okay after that, I think.

She said I should get checked out with they began to appear with a pattern that I could time, or if they became painful throughoout. They never did, and they were still quite random so I didn't follow up. I will mention them at my next appointment though, especially if they happen again. I've had BH just as a slight, brief tightening, but never had them so severe with the heart pounding/breathing issue. Oh well, hopefully I don't get them quite like this again!

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I am glad you feel better! Did you do anything differently or more strenuous yesterday? I went to a fair with my daughter and mom and that night after we got home my BH's were particular aggressive. Not painful just more frequent than usual. Maybe something like that or dehydration triggered them.

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I didn't do a thing, just had an easy work day and watched TV when I got home, so that's partly what made me so worried because I couldn't explain them! I am glad I have the day off today so I can just rest Smile

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Two nights ago I had what felt like period cramps and I'm assuming it was BH's. It really freaked me out! I drank water and laid down and it got a little better. I don't like the whole BH thing! It just worries me for some reason since I don't know what to expect, I guess.

Glad you are feeling better Hilary Smile

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I'm glad you are feeling better Hilary. I have had a few BH's here and there, mostly when I overexert myself.

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That is scary. I'm glad you are feeling better. I have had a hard, tight belly a lot lately (doesn't come and go, just gets hard and stays that way for a while) esp. in the evening when I'm up making dinner, etc.. I'm not sure if it's BH or just normal for me. I've had this in both of my prior pregnancies too. It's so different for everyone, I think that's what's so frustrating. Take care!

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Awww Hilary I'm so sorry you had to go through that! That would certainly freak me out as well... I've never experienced anything like that before. Hope you're feeling better now!!