Serious groin pains...

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Serious groin pains...

Am I the only one getting seriously sharp pain shooting thru my groins?

It seems to be getting worse, but I can be fine & then all of a sudden get a sharp pain thru my groin. I can get them walking, standing still, or even sitting down. I looked like a freak in the mall & getting the tree tonight.

I dont remember these pains & am not sure that they cause any progress, it's probably just my pelvis spreading. I have an appt tomorrow so I will get a progress check. I am just wondering if I am alone. They make me want to crawl around my house.

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I totally have the same thing gong on...along with a lot of ligament pain in the front/sides of my belly. So painful! It totally catches me off guard. For me it hasn't caused any progress...ive been sitting at 1cm + 50% effaced for like a month now. Lol, funny you said that about crawling around your house...I just told DH this morning that I felt like crawling on the floor because it hurt so bad. Haha.

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I get them! It's really a b*tch when they wake me up in the middle of the night!!!

I was seriously in pain making dinner tonight with the searing pain. It seemed like an eternity, but was only about 5 minutes, and lots of breathing and then it was like nothing had happened.

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I'm getting them if I over-exert myself. Usually if I sit down and put my feet up they go away.

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Good to know it's not too out of the ordinary. I was on my feet a lot so maybe that's it.

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I get it too. Baby moving downward and stretching things out.

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Same thing here- it sucks, especially at night! I have been using a magic bag- heating it up and putting it on my groin muscles that hurt- it helps for the time being. My pain wasn't so bad this morning when I woke up. Its only a temp fix but I will be doing that in the evenings.

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I've had these forever! But usually only get them when I've been doing too much. It hurts so darn bad. A few times I've actually had to grab onto the wall because my legs gave out from the intensity of the pain.