shhh...I think we have a name

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shhh...I think we have a name

for our little guy! We have been going back and forth for months but this one seems to have stuck. We are not telling anyone IRL because everyone seems to have an opinion on what we should name our boy (especially our family) :roll:

Jonah Luke

Jonah means "peace"

DH picked it out and then a few weeks ago I had a dream his name would be "peace" Smile Also, we had a rough patch in our marriage a few years ago. We came out on the other side and our marriage is better than ever! This new baby seems to be a symbol of this triumph and we thought "peace" was a good way to describe what we have been blessed with.

Hopefully this will stick!

Anyone else getting closer to naming their LO?

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Very cute!!

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Beautiful name!! And what a great way to symbolize your marriage.

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Beautiful name and beautiful meaning! I am also big on baby name meanings as well. This LO will be Trystan Magnus. It's funny though, Trystan actually means "to cause a riot" which I'm not too thrilled about, but it's the only boy name that DH and I can agree on lol! Magnus I'm sure has no meaning as it was DH's pick... it's short for Magneto, which is the villian's name in the X-MEN comics. I know, I know, DH is a huge dork... but he's so cute I can't help but give in to him!!

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I like the name- the meaning sound like it fits perfectly.

We have started to go over names- ending up more difficult than we thought lol I guess we've got a few months to figure it out.

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I love Jonah Luke!!! It is a wonderful name.

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I love that name! What a beautiful meaning too Smile

We are set on Elaina Rose!

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What handsome name! Yay for a name and good luck keeping it secret.

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Very cute name! We kept our name secret until we knew the gender. Then we just said "We are naming her Harper" so that didn't really give anyone the option to throw out their opinion on what we should name her.

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Great name! Congrats on finding one! We still aren't even close.. ha :confused:

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"sugspop" wrote:

We still aren't even close.. ha :confused:

Us either!

I really like Jonah Luke. It flows very well! Congrats on picking out a name!