Sick :(

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Sick :(

Hey ladies! My little Nicholas is doing great, but I am coming down with something. Woke up today with headache, chills, and fever. My boobs are sooo engorged and tender. No redness though. My other issue is I haven't used the bathroom since he was born... 6 days ago! My tummy is just now starting to hurt. Other than colace what can I take? I took 6 colace capsules last night and 6 today. I just drank some mirolax. I called the triage nurse and am waiting to hear back.

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FWIW when I had mastitis my boobs weren't red until after my fever broke. And it's generally the same with clogs for me. I'll feel the clog, know it's there but the redness doesn't show for a couple days and typically by then the worst of it is over (since I get them so often I'm on top of them). That is exactly how I felt with mastitis Sad I hope you're feeling better soon!

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Sounds like Mastis Mama! Head off to your doc right quick!!!!! And the poo? well... sometimes its a week or more.... but while you are there ASK! (((hugs)))

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First, hugs to you. Sad sorry you're sick.

I like to think of myself as an unfortunate expert in constipation so here's my advice:

First, start taking Benefiber 3xs a day with water. Drink LOTS of water. Second to get things started use a suppository like Fleet, at your normal "go" time, until you are able to get a nice stool (only once per "go" time a day though, repeat each day at the same time until it works). Third, before bed, take as directed Milk of Magnesia, but stop as soon as you get things moving or you'll go over board. Once things are moving you can stop the suppository and Milk of magnesia but continue the Benefiber for a few days or as long as you want.

Colace never worked for me so I stopped taking it all together. Also, it gets in the breast milk so be prepared to change a lot of poopy diapers!

Good luck!!

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I hope you feel better soon. From what I understand, the only thing to help mastitis is to let the milk out. Pump, feed, pump, feed. (is that right??) I thought I had it because I was so engorged, my boobs were killing me, and I also had the chills so I read up on it a little bit. Lots of pumping, massage, hot showers helped.

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Hope you feel better soon! that sounds awful. I mix in the clear benefiber in my coffee in the morning and take the colace and that keeps things moving. When I missed just one colace I had horrible hemmoroids (sorry if TMI).

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You ladies are right! I have mastitis. I went to get checked. She started me on penicillin. Just sent DH to pick it up. She said to take dulcolax. If that doesn't work I will go straight to milk of mag and benefiber. I just really don't want laxative cramps on top of everything else. Nick is a big time cluster feeder at night. I'm hoping to get some relief from nursing!

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Oh man so sorry that you have to deal with this Caroline!! I really hope the mastitis goes away and you feel better soon! I am taking senokot but it's not really working all that well and I am beginning to wonder if it contributes to ryans gassiness.

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I hope the antibiotics help quickly! Take some probiotics to fend off thrush.

GL gettinng through the cluster feedings :bigarmhug:

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I would say get with your doc asap... with all of those issues! I hope you feel better soon!

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Sorry to hear you have mastitis! I had it with DS at 1.5 weeks. I had a few rough days even after I started the antibiotics. Just keep nursing as much as you can - I know it hurts horribly! Once we got past the mastitis I felt like the BFing Super Woman because I made it through.
(And ditto to the probiotics.)

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feel better soon Carolyn :bigarmhug:

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Oh wow I didn't even think of thrush! Fortunately I'm a yogurt fiend, but I will pick up some probiotics too!

I am doing a lot better today. And milk of mag did the trick. I'm still crazy tired and have a bit of a headache but the fever and chills are gone. Nicholas' appetite has really increased the last few days. He is finally keeping up with me and I don't feel nearly so engorged.

Thanks for the advice on the milk of mag and pro biotics!