Sitting up??

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Sitting up??

Luke isn't there yet. He can do it, but I don't leave him alone yet. He is still way too wobbly. I think half is because he is so small that it is hard to balance on his non existent tushy Blum 3 and half because we hold him too much for him to learn.

where is everyone else on the sitting up thing?

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My girly suddenly went from nowhere-near-siting to proper sitting on her own this past weekend. My boy will have none of that, we can't even prop him up.

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Ryan cannot sit yet and will slowly fall over if we prop him. But he just finally got the hang of rolling over so I am not surprised.

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Evelyn can sit up, but we still have to be right with her because her balance isn't the greatest. The only time I would walk away from her while she's sitting up is if she's in her pack and play, and she's usually toppled over within a minute or two.

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Vivi has been sitting up since just after 5 months. I finally trust her enough now that I don't surround her with soft things.

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He sits but I still hover b/c he can't stop himself from falling over after couple minutes. His sitting skills seemed to come along a lot quicker than rolling.

This isn't sitting related but ds has figured out how to roll onto his stomach now. Unfortunately he has started doing it in his crib when we put him down for naps/bedtime and will scream b/c he forgets how to roll back :rolleyes: good grief kid!

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Andrew is similar to evelyn. He can sit but just for about a minute max right now. I think its also the same reasons you stated, Angie. I hold him a lot and i dont sit much with him. I try to when i can.