Sleep, and lack thereof

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Sleep, and lack thereof

So, it's 10 minutes til 5 am and I am wide awake...on a holiday weekend. And I've been wide awake since about 4, when I should be sleeping in or at least not waking up until the sun streams through my windows. Is anyone else having trouble with sleep?

I have always been the type of person who could fall asleep within 5 minutes of hitting the pillow and sleeping straight through the night with no interruption. I have always been a morning person, so waking up early is nothing new, but now I wake up 2-3 times a night and have a lot of trouble falling back to sleep. Maybe it's just an overactive mind. This morning I dreamed that it was the day I'm supposed to get my u/s. (Now, in real life the mid-wife told me that I need to show up on time because the u/s technician will not see me if I am late.) So, in my dream, things kept coming up at work, and I couldn't leave on time and I was late and really, really mad because I just want to see this little one already! So, I tried to fall back to sleep and almost made it a few times, but now here I am typing up a book because I have nothing better to do at 5 am.

I have found that napping during the day seems to keep me up more at night, so I've stopped napping for the most part, but yesterday I dozed off. Oops. I guess my body is just preparing me for all the sleepless nights ahead.

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Carrie- I have a few days here and there where I can't sleep past a certain time in the morning. Luckily those days are few and far between. I know someone who couldn't fall asleep without tylenol pm or benedryl when she was pregnant. Hopefully you get some sleep soon. :bigarmhug:

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I am sleeping great, besides having a little boy who's been a super early riser lately. 4:50, 5:30, 6:20 the past 3 nights. It's starting to get a little bit later each day...hopefully soon he'll be back on track! I try to nap when he naps, but I'm just not a napping person and have a hard time falling asleep during the day.

I agree - you probably have a lot on your mind. Maybe your stomach is waking you up and eating a little something might help?

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I've been like this too. Every night it's a struggle to fall asleep and stay asleep. I'm awake every few hours, tossing and turning. I'm hoping I can start getting more sleep soon. I was napping a lot as well but had to stop in hopes of sleeping through the night.

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"mlle_carrie" wrote:

Is anyone else having trouble with sleep?

Yes, I don't have any trouble falling asleep, but I sometimes wake up at 4am with no hope of falling back asleep. (And I don't need to get up until after 6.)

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No trouble here. Thankfully I'm past the first couple of months of "I can barely drag myself out of bed" and "I need to take 3 naps a day!" I'm not overly exhausted anymore but I have no problem going to sleep and staying asleep. If it gets to be too bad, call your OB and ask her if there's something you can take... good luck with catching some zzzzzzzssss!

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Carrie I thought about you this morning when I woke up at 4:46am and couldn't go back to sleep! UGH. I was up until a little after 6am and then I finally went back to sleep.

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"JuneorJulyBaby?" wrote:

know someone who couldn't fall asleep without tylenol pm or benedryl when she was pregnant.

Ahh... Tylenol PM was my best friend when I was pg with DD! Not too bad this time around, so far, though!

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I usually wake up 1x a night with either indigestion or the need to eat. Then I usually have a hard time falling asleep. But early morning hours, I could sleep and sleep and sleep. Hope you get some rest!