Sleeping too much?

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Sleeping too much?

Evelyn slept ALL day today. She was awake for small bits here and there, but it's starting to worry me. Could it be because of a growth spurt? Should I be worried? Then again, the night is still young. Maybe she will decide to be awake all night. :/

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There is a famous growth spurt at 3 weeks, so that may be it. Babies tend to eat a lot and/or sleep a lot during those spurts. My babies never did really eat a lot during them, just slept. Is she sleeping thru several feedings? When she does wake, is she hungry? I wouldn't worry unless she does it for another day or so, like sleeping thru feedings and such, then you might call the doc just to be on the safe side.

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It is 2 am right now and I am awake with Kai. I wish he was sleeping, I hope you guys are sleeping. I would not worry unless it lasts a few days, then I would call and get reassured. Not that anything is wrong, I would just worry.

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How'd your night go?

I would think growth spurt.

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She slept most of the night but she did wake up every hour to be fed from about 11pm to 2am. She had a little bit of awake time this morning, and then a long nap. She just woke up to be fed so I guess we'll see what the day brings. I am taking her to visit my coworkers and she usually sleeps through the car ride and all the passing around. Lol.

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I'm thinking growth spurt too. Nicholas would sleep really well for a few days and then want to eat day in and day out. Emily went through a few nights of wanting to eat all the time too and sleeping most of the day. Ugh why can't it be the other way around? Sleep all night and eat all day???

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Jonah is 6-weeks and still seems to sleep on and off all day.

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Yep, I would say growth spurt. Trystan goes through these weird patches, like on Saturday he literally ate from 2:20-11:30PM every hour! Then he woke up at 2:30AM to eat and then again at 5:30AM! But then yesterday when I got home from work he maybe ate 3 times before bed... but still woke the same times during the night... so it's all crazy lol! T is definitely growing, I can't wait until his next ped appt!