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Slow down the clock

Oh my....I just came to the realization yesterday that this LO is going to be here before I know and probably before I am ready.
I have potentially 6 weeks, although I feel pretty confident I won't go to 40 weeks, watch her prove me wrong.
I haven't done anything....have to get the bassinet out of the attic, wash the clothes, organize the place...Oh my!
Feeling overwhelmed and have so much anxiety about taking care of 2 kids at the same time that it makes me not want to do anything...maybe I am in denial.

Anyone else freaking out about now?

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I'm starting to freak out some more. I feel like this baby is really low and i don't see going the whole forty either. Although my last baby was one day late. the others were early. Earliest being 36 weeks next was 9 days early and first baby was just 3 days early.

So really anytime from 36-41 weeks i could be pregnant still. Im hoping closer to Thanksgiving. DH has vacation scheduled for that week.

I don't have anything really ready either. We moved Eli out of the nursery a month ago but i want to paint the nursery and havent done that either. I need to go through the clothes and throw out what might be too worn and organize drawers with newborn and 0-3 month clothes. I have all the cloth ready to go. I may wash it one more time. Its been almost 2 yrs since they were last washed.

I did buy the comehome outfits last week and a few hygene items for PP. So starting to feel ready with that. After my appt on the 31st I'll probably pack my hospital bag.

I've made 2 cocoons for baby one pink and one boyish(could be netral i think) After someone posted about it I looked online how to crochet one and had some pink arn to do it and was surprised how fast i was able to get it done so i went to Joanns and got more yarn. I plan to make some matching hats too. I was starting to feel bad i hadnt made anything for this baby. I have made something for all the others.

So sorry to ramble but yes, I am starting to freak out too.

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ME!!!! We need to build a room in the garage for my 12 yr old so we can get the baby in a room. Ummm, well, we have drawn out the plans and that is it! I have sorted the hand me downs we have gotten. And that is about it. We have the bassinet in the house! I am just too tired at the end of the day to do much.

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A little bit .... We also need a room built, but for now baby will be in our room. That will make a good winter project when its too darn cold too leave the house.I bought a bassinet, have some clothes, got the car seat and stroller....and am knitting a blanket . I figure Once I am done work ,I will get the majority of what I can done.

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With ds and dd I had everything done by now. This time.. nothing. Nothing at all haha. I have pulled out the clothes I have and they are sitting in a box in dds room. I have a bassinet full of (my) clothes in my room. I have a carseat, still in the box in dd's room. That's it. The swing, the bouncy seat and all the receiving blankets are all still in the closet. Yea, I am on a roll. hahaha

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Oh yeah, definitely starting to panic. The nursery is not ready yet, I have not bought a single thing except some cloth diapers, though some of my registry gifts are starting to arrive from people who can't make it to the shower. And I have a TON of stuff to do to get ready for maternity leave at work. The worst part is, that I am really not motivated to do a whole heck of a lot to get ready. Major panic over here!!

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Yeah, they'll be here any second now and I'm for sure a little freaked out. But this ain't nothing yet, I know that. I will be a horrendous ball of anxiety before the c-section, whenever that is. We're not ready as far as stuff goes, but we're getting closer and I just can't let that worry me too much since stuff can be purchased at stores and family can go to those stores for us, so nothing in that regard will be the end of the world. Although I might have to present it that way to anyone who gets sent to the store for us. It's quite possible this is a completely fake calm I have about the getting stuff ready part. But slowing down the clock? No, no, no. I'm 100% completely miserable now and starting today will be sleeping in the other room because I can do nothing but roll around and moan and complain all night long. I'm ready for some c-section recovery and sleeplessness.

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I'm not freaking out... I'm so done with being pregnant though. I woke up this morning hurting worse than I ever have... my back killing me of course. But instead of the pain slowly dying away like it usually does, it's decided to stick around and I'm miserable. I love him being in me so much, especially since this will be my last baby... but I am so done. I can't even enjoy sex anymore, and for those of you that have been reading all of my other posts, it's a cold day in hell for me to say something like that lol! So if he wants to come into this world early, I'm down with that lol!