Smelly gas

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Smelly gas

This is kind of a funny post but it's kind of quiet around son has been having a lot of gas lately. On one hand I'm glad that he is not getting as frustrated like he did as a newborn when having to pass gas. But man, it sometimes smells so bad that I have to hold him away from me if he is on my lap :farts: He only poops 1-2 times per week so I don't know if that is contributing. Anyway, I'm not concerned just have a feeling that I'm going to have a son who loves fart jokes in my future Smile

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Yeah, the infrequent poops make my son stinky, too. He gets constipated whenever we have an especially hot day and then I can count on disguuuuusting farts and poop.

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oh yeah! Jonah has bad gas!! He loves to rip em when he's strapped to me in the Ergo...ewwww!

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T doesn't really fart that much, and I can't say that I notice the odor... lol! Thankfully he poops every day or every other day so it's not an issue!

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Ryan definitely has some smelly gas days! One day I thought he pooped his diaper but nope, just a fart.

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Luke is the same way and he only poops every 4 or 5 days. The day before he poops is the worst. I have never seen a 5 month old smell so bad lol.