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I have decided to stop TTC. I got offered a new position at my job that will bring in a lot more income for my family and I just cant pass it up. Ive also decided to start taking some core classes to get into the Registered Nurse program at my local technical college. I would like to own our own house before we have another baby and we are looking at a couple of years before that is gonna happen. I hate that I was so excited and now cant TTC, but I was laying in bed last night and just thinking of what would be best for my family at this point and that is what I have decided. It hurts and sucks and I def cried, but I have to think about the kids I already have and what would be best for the next Smile Good luck to you all and I hope everyone gets BFPs!

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It is always hard to make major life decisions! Congratulations on the promotion though! That is always exciting news!

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I know that had to be a hard decision. You guys are still young and have plenty of time to set up to add to your family. Good luck! and Congrats on the great job!