So how is everyne feeling?

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So how is everyne feeling?

How are we all doing lately ladies? I'm feeling so much better! I have had massage and chiropractic work done for my headaches and migraines, and they are totally gone! I am so relieved. I am still tired, but I'm eating I'm feeling movement quite a bit more often now, so that makes me happy Smile

How's everyone else?

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Still no movement being felt here Sad but hopefully I will soon. There are times when I *think* I feel something but I'm just not sure. But, I am feeling much better this month. Looking back at May, I realized just how crappy I felt (which is probably why my house got SO dusty...HAHA), and I didn't have energy to do anything! I really haven't had any major nausea in the last few weeks, which is great!

The only complaint I have right now is the heartburn! It never really goes away, no matter what I eat or drink! I heard that means baby will have lots of hair...we will see Wink

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I am feeling pretty good. Still throwing up occasionally, but I'm kind of thinking it's my prenatal vitamins. I have been taking them right before bed, and it seems the nights I skip them (if I'm feeling nauseous I don't take it at all) that the next morning I'm fine. So, last night and tonight I'm doing a little test to see if it's going to have an effect on how I'm feeling in the morning. I can't take my prenatals in the morning because it can't be taken too close to my thyroid medicine.

Anyways. Aside from a few icky mornings I'm feeling great!

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There's always something to complain about: uncomfortable boobs, endless yeast infection, barfing, belly so big strangers already insist I cut in line at the grocery, and double doses of anxiety, worry, and fear. However, compared to that first trimester, I feel AWESOME!!! Biggrin

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Ugg I got killer heartburn for the first time last night and all i had to take was chewable pepto bismol for kids lol! It actually worked pretty well, thank God! Other than that all is pretty well... I can't seem to get as much sleep as Id like... Maybe six hours a night.

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Not much appetite still, and still some leftover food aversions that kicked in after that stomach virus the first month, but doing pretty well overall.

Had my second appointment today, and despite all the nice growth, we still weren't able to catch the hb on the Doppler, so I'm a little bummed about that. Was offered an u/s next week if I needed it to feel better, but I didn't want to do any unnecessary u/s's, so I just get to hang around and try again next month. :confused:

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I feel so much better!!! Still having digestion issues. I constantly feel like I have to poop, even after I just did. Sad I hope that does not last. Heartburn, but nothing bad yet. I wish I could take all the allergy meds I want, but I am limiting it to when I am desperate.

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Knock on wood but I haven't taken my zofran for two days now. I might be starting to get better now that I will be out of the first tri on Friday! Still tired but I could swear I am feeling a little bit of movement which makes me happy! Too bad the good feelings of the 2nd tri can't last the whole pregnancy.

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I'm doing much better now that I passed the 10 week mark. All my m/s stopped then and I haven't had a migraine since then. And I *think* I have more energy - I've been able to stay up past 9 lately, lol.

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Still feeling mostly ick and gaggy often but I do have spurts of energy and I find if I force myself to get up and going then I start to feel better. No heartburn though because I am now taking prevacid. God I love that stuff. Getting a good feeling about having a girl this time because I was never sick this long with my boys.

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My energy levels are pretty good, but I am still tired a lot. I always think I can do more in my mind, but my body won't let me. I just feel huge, but apparently people still can't really tell?! This dad at my sitters was like, You're pregnant??? yesterday! I'm like yea, ummmmm. Hungry and tired but feeling pretty good today.

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I feel great from when I wake up until about 3pm and then I get so very tired! I am pretty useless after that. If I eat too much dinner then I get nauseous and I get heartburn right before bed. I am sleeping good though, which is nice because with DS I had major insomnia!

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I'm feeling sooo much better nausea-wise. It seems to have gone away around 14 weeks, so for that I am thankful. But occasionally I get a horrible taste in my mouth, and it feels like I have excess saliva at times. That probably sounds strange, and i've never experienced that before, but that's what it is. I feel like I need to go spit all the time! Weird. Otherwise I am feeling okay. My energy has picked up a lot, I no longer feel like I could go to bed at 8pm.

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Better but still often tired. It's especially bad once I start back to work on Wednesday (I work Wed-Sat doing two 8 hour shifts and two 12 hour shifts). By the time I get off at 3pm on Saturday I am ready to collapse and spend most of the day Sunday trying to recover!