So unquenchibly thirsty!

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So unquenchibly thirsty!

Is that a word? Anyway I am drinking water like crazy, and I am still thirsty. Should I be concerned?

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Hmmm, I'm not sure! The last few days I have been much more thirsty than usual, very dry mouth in the mornings, but I am able to drink and feel better. I am also having to pee much more frequently which is making it worse, haha. Could it be something that simple for you?

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it's normal. Last pregnancy I used to carry around those extra large cups from Taco Bell and BK and I would fill them with water like 5 times a day. It's good for your body if it's "asking" for it.

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My vitamins make me thirsty. I carry around a water bottle, too. It makes me have to run to the bathroom all the time, though!

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I don't think you have anything to worry about. Just drink, drink, drink water like crazy! I have been having so much trouble drinking just sounds disgusting to me. I make myself drink at least 2 bottles per day but when I drink it it sits like cement in my stomach. ugh! I usually drink a lot more than that, but that is all I can get down some days. I try to drink other liquids like lemonade and milk to help make up for it. I will be so glad when my appetite for water comes back!

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No that's not a word, but I like it lol! And yes, being thirsty is perfectly normal... you're drinking for two!