Speaking of crazy pg stunts

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Speaking of crazy pg stunts

This is awesome!

Lady Runs Marathon at 9 Months Pg

And on a completely unrelated note - she looks like one of the women on Sister Wives.

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Wow. I couldn't run to the mailbox lol. (which is attached to my house)

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"HaganBaby" wrote:

Wow. I couldn't run to the mailbox lol. (which is attached to my house)

Me too! I showed my mom and she asked me if I was going to run a Christmas Marathon. I told her I would do a Christmas feast instead. I am in awe of this lady!

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Wow that's one way to induce labor. Lol

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I'm surprised she didn't have the baby right there at the finish line! And that she had the energy to push after that?! Crazy.

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Holy cow! It's all I can do to run to the bathroom before I pee on myself!

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What!!!!!! Wow that makes me feel lazy, and kinda whiny lol...

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I don't know why this story bothers me so much! I'm no doctor, but that just seems very dangerous!

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I want to start jogging at 37 weeks. Seriously...I hope it will help Wink

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saw that earlier! good for her! (She walked half of it, and that's a pretty relaxed pace, so don't think it would be dangerous since she's a seasoned runner.)

I was doing my 5 and 10ks up until a few days before I had my daughter. I think it really helped me physically prep for delivery and bounce back after. This pregnancy I had to stop running much sooner though... carrying differently, and I would feel crampy and uncomfortable after a couple kilometers, so I listened to my body and took it a lot shorter and slower. Can't wait to start up again with the jogging stroller once baby is here

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Wow, that is crazy!

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Geeze, I just wish I could WALK that far pregnant! LOL!

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Lol... I couldn't run if you paid me!